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A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

Divinity Within

chamavioleta, 03.04.21

Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free!

A new study that analyzes RFR and EMF in light of the SARS-C.... virus has found compelling evidence of a radiation-C... connection. AT A GLANCE... *THE STORY:* A new study from January 2021 analyzes the close similarities and effects that EMF radiation and C... have on the human body. *THE IMPLICATIONS:* While the study doesn't prove causation, it shows a preponderence of evidence that wireless radiation effects could easily be called 'C.....' There is no need ...
Divinity Within
Audio Greetings divine beings upon the Earth, I am Master Yeshua, I greet you with love and peace. I bring into your energy being the vibration of the Creator's harmony. May this enthuse all aspects of your being bringing everything that you are and are creating into harmony and balance. I come forth to discuss with you the divinity within and I ask myself what is it that you need to know about the divinity within? Each of you hol...
A New Understanding
During this monumental time of change, you may feel as if you have been abandoned and left in a desert of loneliness. Each of you is experiencing these changes in a different way and you may feel like the only person moving through a sea of uncertainty. Please do not give up, my beautiful one! Along with the changes will come a new understanding of yourself and others like you have never known before! All the joy, love, happiness and wondrous things you have been waiting for are jus...
In our westernized societies we have elevated our mind believing that this is how we control our experience of life. In response we generally ignore, bypass or deny our emotional self and our soul. As a result, we can be shocked into turmoil and chaos when these aspects are ignited. On our journey of awakening, healing and evolution we must learn to feel our emotions and connect with our soul. We must remember that feeling is the language of the soul and the tool we use to connect with our intuition. For the...
Vaccines, other c...d-related issues; energy; lightworkers
With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Of most concern to many of you is covid vaccines, so let us begin by addressing your questions and comments about them. Vaccines cannot separate you from Source or prevent personal ascension, the evolvement in conscious and spiritual awareness that continues until the immortal soul returns to its Beginnings within the pure love essence of Creator Source. What does affect that journey is...
Becoming Your Universal Self
Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are awakening within you the knowing that you have a past in this galaxy that extends beyond your solar system, and at the same time, we are giving you that knowing that you have a future in the higher dimensional realms. You have been ninth dimensional before, and you will be ninth dimensional again. You have been Arcturian before, and you will visit our star system again. If that weren’t true, then ...
Building the 5D Barn
Baking piesfor barn raising day, we praythat no lightning strikesagain.~ Linda Oatman High, Barn Raising Day* Listening to “Building the Barn” (from the movie Witness), doing the little dance I always do—an erratic, every-move-is-perfect jig—I ponder the piece’s awkward 5/4 time signature that just can’t be squared up like more traditional time signatures. Nonstandard time is challenging to learn and to play. The broken flow makes it nearly impossible to instinctively move your fingers on your instrum...
The Center is Where I Need to Make my Home
We all tend to exaggerate a little, don’t we? Two of the things that concern me about life after the Reval have to do with our impact on other people; specifically, the employees of our foundations. Let me paint a scenario in which the two factors play. We’re now the head of a large and wealthy humanitarian foundation. Several waves of the prosperity program keep us topped up and we’re irrigating the planet. We handle more money than people have ever done on our planet. The outlay of $200 billion ...
Learning Obedience
Me: St Germain, I read in a book which was published by “Ascended Master Discourses,” that you said that the first thing that must be learned is obedience. I'd like you to explain that please because when you say obedience, I shudder. St G: Hello, Sharon, I am St Germain, at your disposal. I would be most pleased to answer your question regarding obedience. Of course I must state that the one you must obey is God, for in your obedience to God, you are free. Me: Kind of sounds like an oxy-moron. St G: A...
Listen more closely to the body for healing
I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am still working full-time with the Earth Council. We are quite busy, as you can well imagine. The energies on your planet are chaotic right now. This requires intense focus for what is occurring. Nothing is happenstance. It is purposeful in this part of realigning the earth energies for ascension. The same applies to you and your physical bodies. They are messengers of what you need to heal and r...
Growth is the Effect of a Willingness to Change
Such growth tends to feel like a challenge to the parts not meant to enter the next unfolding stages of your evolution. You may even ask yourself, “Are my choices more rooted in who I’ve been in the past or aligning with a newer version of self I am daring to become now?” Whether each day feels like a quantum leap into new dimensions of possibility or baby steps toward a life of greater happiness you are learning to be worthy of accep...
Entitlement is the cornerstone of prejudice. Imagine that, so many of us believe ourselves to be better than others. Yes, and their behaviour shows it. The other day, I confronted a delivery man who was blocking my driveway, blocking my car from backing out, I'm sure “just for a second.” No, no seconds. Not even milliseconds. There is a three car expanse in front of my apartment which is three driveways abreast. It's not some kind of special spot for entitled drivers to park their cars, and believe me, he wasn...
The Blessing
The Blessing By Judith KuselPosted April 2, 2021 What you bestow on blessings upon others returns to you. We have forgotten how to bless those we love, we have forgotten how to bless places, people, things, creation. In ancient times the parents would, when the son or daughter reached maturity, have a ceremony of blessings. Indeed, blessing your children, with all the love in your heart and then giving them the freedom to live their own lives, is the greatest of all blessings you can bestow on them. Indeed, that is why water and food, when blessed changes into the highest vibratio...


chamavioleta, 01.04.21

Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free!

Our ability to deeply understand the purpose of our pain and suffering enables us to reframe the beliefs and fears, which fragment our energy and deflate our willingness to change. With understanding we are no longer held hostage by the past and our habitual patterns no longer have the power to undermine our choices and the actions we must take. As a result, we are able to approach our current challenges and experiences in a new and more conscious way. It can be easy to bypass or ignore your deepest wounds by distr... 
The Next Wave of Mass Awakenings
Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are always aware of what is going on there on Earth, always keeping track, taking the pulse of the human collective, and at this time we are noticing that you have begun recognize yourselves as the beautiful and wonderful beings that you are. You have reached a tipping point within the collective, one where enough of you have come to this realization. You have come to recognize who you really ... 
2 Weeks After Media Predicted Catastrophe, Texas Sees COVID Cases Drop to Record Low
More than 2 weeks after the media predicted catastrophe due to Texas lifting its mask mandate and Joe Biden labeled the move “neanderthal thinking,” COVID cases in Texas have dropped to a record low while hospitalizations are at their lowest since October. Oh. Earlier this month, Texas governor Greg Abbott announced an end to mask mandates and a 100% re-opening of the state by March 10th. The announcement was immediately met by a wave of hysteria from... 
There is only Love, Source, and infinite eternal Joy.
The momentous event – Humanity’s Collective Awakening – for which you have all been waiting with with such hope* is* very close. Let go of your doubts and continue to reset your intent to be only loving,* whatever may arise* throughout the day, every day, because it* is* extremely effective and powerful, and it is what you incarnated to do. Truly, you* are* on a roll, despite what the MSM and SM are shouting out so vociferously. The present world news *is* very unsettling and ... 
Utilizing the Power of this Moment
Humanity and ALL Life evolving on this sweet Earth are in the midst of the most intensified purging process we have experienced to date. The Divine Intent of this intensified cleansing process is to help Humanity move through this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan much more quickly, so that we can clear the way for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for 2021. This Mission involves Cocreating an unprecedented Quantum Field of Comprehensive Di... 
Rainbow Bridge
This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective**:* Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today. We sense that many of you are asking again when NESARA may be coming, and we bring some news of such. For one, when you hear of your ET brothers and sisters landing upon the Earth or being stationed outside the Earth, in Her atmosp... 
The Way It Was
I don’t know about anyone else but I can only go down the rabbit hole so far – it was a MOSSAD satellite that was blown out of the sky, not Musk; now the Alliance is in control of global transmissions; Evergreen is a joint venture of Walmart and the Clinton Foundation; and some of the containers contain children (1) – before I’m reeling. But at the same time, I tell myself that this is … as one commentator called it … a “Red Sea moment.” “Let my people go” was never more applicable. Let my women and children go. Let my children of co... 
Change Taking Place
I’m Judas and today I have some things to say to you. First of all, I want to make you aware that it is within yourself that a change must first take place. It is as we have said before … that it is in the light of yourselves that a change can take place, in your inner as well as in your outer world. It is in love for yourselves, for each other, for the earth on which you live, that change can take place in the way you desire and believe. You creat... 
Masks off to Alternative Treatments for COVID19
For a list of alternative treatments for COVID19 scroll down below the article. Why are seemingly effective alternative COVID19 treatments being censored, discounted and ignored? In a truly free society, citizens have the right to choose what goes into their bodies and what treatments are to be used for their health and wellness. Do you feel and believe that you have all of the most accurate data and information from trusted resources, such that you are able to make these important decisions on your own? When p... 
Tim of Agartha: Assignments
Hello all wonderful earthlings – no one mentioned and no one forgotten. Tim here. As always, I am grateful to reach this channel. Beloved Brothers and Sisters. You all know why you chose the, sometimes very difficult, tasks that you have chosen to perform in this mortal life. You are the ones who NEVER GIVE UP. Because you all knew that you would be able to carry out your assignments, you really wanted in your heart to be born into this very life, in this time, in this place an... 
Government of Norway Indicted for Crimes Against Humanity
Various investigators conduct investigations, in collaboration with lawyers and advocates. The 2nd Nuremberg Tribunal is a fact. Its act has been in preparation for months now. This is under the leadership of German lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who is currently filing a class action. What is a class action? A class action, also called a representative action or group claim, is a form of jurisprudence in which a large group of people collectively bring a claim before the court or in wh... 
Back To The Light
For those experiencing despair; the help you have asked for is coming! When it arrives, it may be tempting to turn it aside just as you have always done. Instead, know The Universe heard your cry and sent this seemingly unassuming experience to aid you in your movement back to the light. As always, you are not alone…you are never alone! ... 
Operate Within the Safety Net of the Golden Rule
"No man is at any time disturbed by his neighbor’s attitude when he has perfect confidence in the truth of that which he wholeheartedly believes. Courage is the confidence of thoroughgoing honesty about those things which one professes to believe. Sincere men are unafraid of the critical examination of their true convictions and noble ideals.” [UB 146:3.2] ~ Thought Adjuster: “If you could fathom the butterfly effect that your ... 
Project Looking Glass reveals that mass awakening and ascension is already locked in
In today's article and podcast, we take a closer look at Project Looking Glass, which is a secret government program based on exotic (alien?) technology that allows scientists to query the future and get answers in terms of probabilities and certainty statistics. This stunning technology, according to multiple whistleblowers (whose videos are available on, reveals that all future timelines have converged into a single track with a single... 
Acquainted with yourself
We spoke yesterday of the importance of presence and how it works as your power centre and a tool for gratitude, flow, and creation. We wish to expand upon that message today. Many of you have lives that are incredibly busy. You rush from one thing to another, always focusing ahead upon what needs to be done next. If your life has been slowed down by the pandemic, you might be feeling resistant to the Now moment and the changes that have been thrust upon you. Being solely focused on the future (or the ... 

Hidden Within: The Science of Miracles.

chamavioleta, 21.07.19

FREE Docu-Series.

July 20, 2019. 




What if you lived in a world that was free of disease, pain, and depression; a world that no longer needed prescription drugs?
And what if you could activate this all-natural healing from within?
Doctors across the globe have unanimously identified a brand new discovery changing the landscape of modern medicine as we know it – a hidden system within the body with the power to treat a range of chronic conditions.
You are invited to witness this discovery firsthand with the premiere of a groundbreaking new docu-series called Hidden Within: The Science of Miracles.
In this 7-part series, you’ll hear from over 20 doctors, researchers and patients who will show you how this brand new medical discovery affects nearly every aspect of your body.
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  • Combat even the deadliest cancers
  • Rid yourself of chronic pain (from arthritis to fibromyalgia)
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  • Reverse symptoms of MS, dementia and other neurological diseases
  • Overcome insomnia and sleep through the night
  • Break free from the shackles of depression and anxiety
  • Rid yourself of the pain and complications of Crohn’s disease and colitis
Simply put, if you or a loved one are suffering from disease of any kind, you can’t miss this. Click here to watch the trailer and register today.
To your health!


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