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A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

The Ascension will Not be Monetized

chamavioleta, 21.07.19

Elohim via Tarashtan.

July 17th, 2019. 


We are the Elohim.
This is a wondrous but challenging time for those aware of the momentous and mysterious changes happening on your planet and within your species. In these remarkable “end times”, life on the ground can be confusing, disturbing and fatiguing.
Your sensitive nervous systems work overtime to keep up with deep and rapid vibrational change. You may often feel ill or overwhelmed. Certain personal difficulties may persist, and you may feel that some things you need are lacking. The sense of struggle in life has evolved but not entirely disappeared. Anxiety and fear can still rise up, despite all your knowledge and strength.
The old order is crumbling, but a new order shows no reliable sign of emerging. The flood of new information is potent but chaotic, and taken up on all sides for psychological and spiritual warfare. Many brave souls, working from their best intentions and abilities, still reflect many different states of spiritual, intellectual and social development; and so their visions and counsel for a better world vary widely.

Still you lightworkers stand by your inspiration and heartfelt mission. Even so, you may sometimes feel yourself wavering. Where is the change? Where is the help? Sometimes it seems you have only sprinklings of stardust to light your path. Celestial voices assure you of universal love and accompaniment, and promise that transformation is close at hand. But evidence remains elusive on the ground, where conditions often seem to be deteriorating. And so we sometimes hear you crying through the ethers: WTF???
Nothing in your Earthly experience can prepare you or anyone else for what is happening and what is about to emerge. Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the horizon. Above all, hold the centre in your heart, and trust in the One who lives and breathes there. Step by step, your path will be lit from within.
Long millennia of human suppression and exploitation – through metaphysical, religious, political, financial, military and scientific means – are now coming into human awareness. Many brave souls in each of those domains work diligently toward a quantum leap: where humanity is freed of long cycles of bondage, ignorance and suffering, and everyone can start fresh.
But most of you reading this message are brave souls of another kind. You apply your consciousness directly through intention, and make your contributions through vibration, frequency, the life force and the softly spoken word. This does not mean that you don’t take action. It means that your action is more about meditating, praying, contemplating, healing, hearing, appreciating, clearing, compassionate relating, demonstrating right thought and conduct, and spiritual mentoring. You have been practicing these things for lifetimes, and are uniquely qualified to do the work that you do.
Please do what you are good at and what you came here to do. You know what that is because you do it every day. Consider the principles that you live by, affirm them, and refine their application as you live your life. Give yourself some credit for doing your part. And as greater light pours in to flush out all the toxins, take the time you need to recover, adjust and reintegrate.
What will happen when Earth’s liberation warriors can finally reveal themselves and declare victory over darkened powers? Another round of transformation must begin. What will humanity do with its newfound freedom? How many people – scarred by trauma, trained to submit, in denial of God within – will be able to grasp the depth of their freedom and begin to use it wisely? Who will be there to inform, inspire or guide them as needed?
Humanity needs more – not fewer – people who have begun to live from higher consciousness. Needs, fascinations and fears cultivated by external powers have interfered much with humanity’s evolution. Few of your fellows are more aware of the antidote than you: discovering the infinite power within. And this is why the misdirection and neutralization of lightworkers has been a significant campaign in the war against humanity. Have any of you been taken for a ride?
In the heat of the moment, some of you can get obsessed with some particular thread of worldly life as a medium of transformation. Common focal points include money and financial systems, political information in mass media and social media, environmental trends, military and social movements, religious thought, secret societies, and secret space programs and extra-terrestrials. It’s fine for you to stay abreast of worldly things that interest you, but not at the cost of getting diverted from your own essential contributions. If one or more of such hot topics is intrinsically connected to your work, you will know it and carry on accordingly. But if it doesn’t help your work, you can equally recognize that and re-focus your attention.
Listening to informed others and learning about the world has its place. But some of you are working brilliantly on things that almost no-one has ever heard of. And some of you are working on things that everyone is concerned about, but in uniquely brilliant ways that almost no-one can really understand. You came here because your weirdness is crucially required, and freely given for an extraordinary opportunity to evolve.
What is happening on Earth today is not fundamentally about money, politics, religion, genetics, or peace and war among intelligent species. What is happening in the most fundamental terms is that many more people are waking up to universal truth, and preparing to live as sovereign exponents of God.
And so we wish to remind you that you need not define your future on the basis of your past. Why commit yourself to financial power – or political freedom, or space travel – when whole orders of possible experience that are entirely unknown or forgotten exist beyond them? Why attach your destiny to issues and struggles that may soon be obsolete?
Sweet relief comes with the remembrance of universal truth. Then you will all lay down your weapons, words, and wallets. For peace will not arise from battle. Liberation may not be argued. The revolution is not being televised, and your ascension will not be monetized.
You have only to live the truth.
We are the Elohim.

– Tarashtan.


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