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A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

Planetary Situation Update

chamavioleta, 02.04.21

Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free!

Planetary Situation Update
COBRA: March 31, 2021 - Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have managed to clear practically all Chimera space fleet and most Chimera underground bases. Chimera underground bases that are still remaining are much more difficult to clear, as they are connected to the Cabal infrastructure on the surface. The main Chimera underground base under Lake Kivu in Congo with the spider king and queen has not been cleared yet. The Light forces are also rapidly clearing quantum primary anomaly around the Earth. Quantum primary anomaly is a rando...
Lighting the Way to Better Realities and Timelines
Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are illuminating a path for our ascension because we enjoy creating our reality, even though from your perspective, it must seem incredibly easy to do so when you are a ninth-dimensional, non-physical collective. The truth is, we just enjoy the process. We enjoy bringing something to fruition, because we have no doubt and we have no fear. There is no wondering as to whether we ...
Those taking vaccines are shockingly ignorant of the criminal fraud behind Big Pharma
Those taking vaccines are shockingly ignorant of the criminal fraud behind Big Pharma*By Mike Adams**NaturalNews* March 31th, 2021 Those taking covid vaccines right now are shockingly ignorant about the facts revealing criminal fraud across Big Pharma. Nearly every single vaccine manufacturer operating today has a history of science fraud, bribery, kickbacks, price fixing, illegal marketing and more. Big Pharma corporations have proven again and again it's never about health... it's always about their bottom line, no matter what the cost to humanity. Even former executives of to...
Feel Truly
Dear Ones, your full presence with others is such a loving, supportive gift. When people feel truly seen and honoured in their truth and beingness, they feel acknowledged and accepted. Five minutes of full presence with another is worth more than a full day of distracted time together. Love others enough to be fully with them in the Now moment and you will see your relationships bloom, because your presence will be met with their presence, and from there profound connection can occur. Arcangel Gabriel. *Shelley Youn...
The Spirit Lives On. Forever
The Beloved: “Once you realize that this life is only a miniscule step into a glorious, eternal journey heavenward, it makes your life far more interesting. This is an everlasting truth, and worthy of thoughtful consideration. “How is it that your myriad friends – the countless ones that even now have passed over into a new life – can assist you in the mortal estate? “By realizing that this is so, and as your departed siblings become more...
Hi my friend, It’s always a blessing for me to connect with you in this way. We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it! April is a high energy month, with great personal and collective change in store. If the month of March felt like it was a bit all over the place for you, especially on an emotional level, know that you are not alone! We have all been moving through timelines that have us consciously and subconsciously processing our feelings, emotions, and t...
A Vision for the Highest Good in Action
Here's a Vision / Intention that just came in from Kayla Chantra. It is short but very powerful. Thank You, Kayla! ~ We see a world where the energy of each and every intention that is for the Highest Good of All is consciously coming to expression on a daily basis in the minds of everyone everywhere. We likewise intend to optimally utilize the power and magnitude of divine synchronism to the fullest extent possible for the Best and Highest Good of All. ...
Slow Down
Joy, love, passion, drive, forgiveness, determination, wholeness, happiness are not things to strive for because they have been within you all along. You have been moving too fast and in too many directions to realize it, beautiful child. The Universe’s message to you today; slow down! Release the need to fill the empty spaces with unimportant things and know that, once you choose to stop obsessing about what you feel is unattainable, what you have considered as out of your reach will appear as if...
The past year has shown us all exactly how quickly life can change. For most of this year we have been moving at warp speed as the internal shifts creating profound opportunities for healing and growth. In April the tides shift bringing a new feel to our experience and with it, a deeper expansion of our soul’s expression. Within this space the subtle distortions, which cloud our intuition will be cleared, enabling us to sense and see the many possibilities that lie on the horizon. You are moving across a new territory ...
The Moon in Scorpio: Transformation, from Resentment to Compassion
According to Western Sidereal Astrology, the Spring / Fall Equinox occurs on March 20 with the Sun and Venus in the water sign of Pisces. This is the day twice a year when the amount of daylight and evening is about equal. Many ancient traditions honor this sacred time on Mother Earth to show gratitude for their lives and nature’s abundance. What would bring you joy and help you connect with this sacred time? How do you feel drawn to serve as a good steward of Planet Earth? Wit...
Dark Forces are trying to force the New World Order on you
Hello Dear Ones, I am Albert Einstein, and I am excited to be here today. I am a “mad scientist‘, my hair represented my personality, who loves mathematics and physics. As you know from my lifework that I developed the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. I was not fully satisfied with my results for the quantum physics, I really didn’t have a chance to finish my studies there. I enjoyed my work very much and I loved every second of it. I wish I could be...
Extraordinary Circumstances, Extraordinary Times
 More than ever before, there is the desire to bring forth Heaven, or what people perceive as Heaven, on Earth! *Archangel Gabrielle ~ Extraordinary Circumstances, Extraordinary Times* This beautiful gem is lovingly shared by Sarah from her personal reading with Linda Dillon. Greetings, I am Gabrielle. Sarah: Hello, Gabrielle! AAG: Welcome, beloved. I come as Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. I come to bring greetings, to bring gifts, to bring ble...
Enjoy the Sweet, the Sour, and Everything In-Between
There are no goods or bads, just nature thriving. You always have a choice to focus on what is going well. We remind you to play. You have come to Planet Earth to play, and everything is play to your soul, even those things you would qualify as hard, challenging or overwhelming. It is all the experience of the soul, all an adventure, an opportunity to feel, taste and see. The soul is enjoying the sweet and the sour. The hum...
A little NOTHING....THAT CAME TO ME AFTER I WATCHED THIS MOVIE "LUCKY" THAT INSPRIED ME AND CAN YOU. SOURCE LOVES EVIL.....Because it does not see Evil as only SEES ITSELF....JUST LIKE YOU ONLY SEE YOURSELF.? Because we are ONE AND THE SAME!....Where do you think LIFE came from?...or Comes From?...IT COMES FROM SOURCE! Do you think that there are many SOURCES WHO CAN CREATE LIFE?....."NO"..... THERE ARE NOT ANY!...... BUT THE ONE SOURCE Yeah......your kitty can make kittens and you can make babies........but you did not really MA...


chamavioleta, 01.04.21

Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free!

Our ability to deeply understand the purpose of our pain and suffering enables us to reframe the beliefs and fears, which fragment our energy and deflate our willingness to change. With understanding we are no longer held hostage by the past and our habitual patterns no longer have the power to undermine our choices and the actions we must take. As a result, we are able to approach our current challenges and experiences in a new and more conscious way. It can be easy to bypass or ignore your deepest wounds by distr... 
The Next Wave of Mass Awakenings
Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are always aware of what is going on there on Earth, always keeping track, taking the pulse of the human collective, and at this time we are noticing that you have begun recognize yourselves as the beautiful and wonderful beings that you are. You have reached a tipping point within the collective, one where enough of you have come to this realization. You have come to recognize who you really ... 
2 Weeks After Media Predicted Catastrophe, Texas Sees COVID Cases Drop to Record Low
More than 2 weeks after the media predicted catastrophe due to Texas lifting its mask mandate and Joe Biden labeled the move “neanderthal thinking,” COVID cases in Texas have dropped to a record low while hospitalizations are at their lowest since October. Oh. Earlier this month, Texas governor Greg Abbott announced an end to mask mandates and a 100% re-opening of the state by March 10th. The announcement was immediately met by a wave of hysteria from... 
There is only Love, Source, and infinite eternal Joy.
The momentous event – Humanity’s Collective Awakening – for which you have all been waiting with with such hope* is* very close. Let go of your doubts and continue to reset your intent to be only loving,* whatever may arise* throughout the day, every day, because it* is* extremely effective and powerful, and it is what you incarnated to do. Truly, you* are* on a roll, despite what the MSM and SM are shouting out so vociferously. The present world news *is* very unsettling and ... 
Utilizing the Power of this Moment
Humanity and ALL Life evolving on this sweet Earth are in the midst of the most intensified purging process we have experienced to date. The Divine Intent of this intensified cleansing process is to help Humanity move through this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan much more quickly, so that we can clear the way for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for 2021. This Mission involves Cocreating an unprecedented Quantum Field of Comprehensive Di... 
Rainbow Bridge
This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective**:* Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today. We sense that many of you are asking again when NESARA may be coming, and we bring some news of such. For one, when you hear of your ET brothers and sisters landing upon the Earth or being stationed outside the Earth, in Her atmosp... 
The Way It Was
I don’t know about anyone else but I can only go down the rabbit hole so far – it was a MOSSAD satellite that was blown out of the sky, not Musk; now the Alliance is in control of global transmissions; Evergreen is a joint venture of Walmart and the Clinton Foundation; and some of the containers contain children (1) – before I’m reeling. But at the same time, I tell myself that this is … as one commentator called it … a “Red Sea moment.” “Let my people go” was never more applicable. Let my women and children go. Let my children of co... 
Change Taking Place
I’m Judas and today I have some things to say to you. First of all, I want to make you aware that it is within yourself that a change must first take place. It is as we have said before … that it is in the light of yourselves that a change can take place, in your inner as well as in your outer world. It is in love for yourselves, for each other, for the earth on which you live, that change can take place in the way you desire and believe. You creat... 
Masks off to Alternative Treatments for COVID19
For a list of alternative treatments for COVID19 scroll down below the article. Why are seemingly effective alternative COVID19 treatments being censored, discounted and ignored? In a truly free society, citizens have the right to choose what goes into their bodies and what treatments are to be used for their health and wellness. Do you feel and believe that you have all of the most accurate data and information from trusted resources, such that you are able to make these important decisions on your own? When p... 
Tim of Agartha: Assignments
Hello all wonderful earthlings – no one mentioned and no one forgotten. Tim here. As always, I am grateful to reach this channel. Beloved Brothers and Sisters. You all know why you chose the, sometimes very difficult, tasks that you have chosen to perform in this mortal life. You are the ones who NEVER GIVE UP. Because you all knew that you would be able to carry out your assignments, you really wanted in your heart to be born into this very life, in this time, in this place an... 
Government of Norway Indicted for Crimes Against Humanity
Various investigators conduct investigations, in collaboration with lawyers and advocates. The 2nd Nuremberg Tribunal is a fact. Its act has been in preparation for months now. This is under the leadership of German lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who is currently filing a class action. What is a class action? A class action, also called a representative action or group claim, is a form of jurisprudence in which a large group of people collectively bring a claim before the court or in wh... 
Back To The Light
For those experiencing despair; the help you have asked for is coming! When it arrives, it may be tempting to turn it aside just as you have always done. Instead, know The Universe heard your cry and sent this seemingly unassuming experience to aid you in your movement back to the light. As always, you are not alone…you are never alone! ... 
Operate Within the Safety Net of the Golden Rule
"No man is at any time disturbed by his neighbor’s attitude when he has perfect confidence in the truth of that which he wholeheartedly believes. Courage is the confidence of thoroughgoing honesty about those things which one professes to believe. Sincere men are unafraid of the critical examination of their true convictions and noble ideals.” [UB 146:3.2] ~ Thought Adjuster: “If you could fathom the butterfly effect that your ... 
Project Looking Glass reveals that mass awakening and ascension is already locked in
In today's article and podcast, we take a closer look at Project Looking Glass, which is a secret government program based on exotic (alien?) technology that allows scientists to query the future and get answers in terms of probabilities and certainty statistics. This stunning technology, according to multiple whistleblowers (whose videos are available on, reveals that all future timelines have converged into a single track with a single... 
Acquainted with yourself
We spoke yesterday of the importance of presence and how it works as your power centre and a tool for gratitude, flow, and creation. We wish to expand upon that message today. Many of you have lives that are incredibly busy. You rush from one thing to another, always focusing ahead upon what needs to be done next. If your life has been slowed down by the pandemic, you might be feeling resistant to the Now moment and the changes that have been thrust upon you. Being solely focused on the future (or the ... 

The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness ~ Michael Becker.

chamavioleta, 13.07.19

The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness.

By Michael Becker.

Posted July 12, 2019 by Edward Morgan. 




A colossal transcendence of material thinking and clear connection to higher consciousness has to be achieved if we want to attempt to contemplate a topic as abstract as how dimensions are structured within the God Source. Today, I’m addressing my understanding of how the various frequency bands of existence are set up within the energetic field that is Source. I want to note that even though my research, readings, and learnings informed and influenced my conceptualization of this idea, none of what I’m about to propose is being regurgitated from elsewhere, nor have I found this particular imagining or “theory” anywhere else on the web. The contents of this post come from my personal downloads.

How Dimensions are Structured

Image result for dimensions existence

The body of Source is a spiraling vortex of energy, beginning from a singular point which can be called the Godhead and which uncoils like a cone to form the energy body. The central filament is a golden cord, which serves as The Creator’s figurative spinal column, which is the essence of unconditional love.
Within itself, Source created frequency bands where it could apportion and then experience itself from various levels of awareness and from differing perspectives. 11 of the dimensions are experiential, and the 12th is the essence of Unconditional Love.

Each frequency band or strata of light spins at higher frequencies as they’re ascended, and each represents a different color, along with separate makeup and activity.
Via a process of energetic division as well as frequency reduction, Source put aspects of its own consciousness inside the various levels of its creation.
These levels I’m referring to can also be called dimensions, and they exist as strata of light or spectrums of frequency that stream from the Godhead through its body.
Dimensions are not places or locations; they are levels of consciousness vibrating at certain oscillatory speeds. Consciousness acquires greater photonic density it ascends upward, and in so doing, gains a broader perspective of reality.
As Consciousness ascends the dimensions, it accumulates greater density. This means it re-acquires increased Godsource energy — more light, love, manifestation power, wisdom, and understanding.

A Word on Mathematics

I am not a mathematician or physicist, but there are a number of concepts that might help you begin to form a mental image of this concept.
Energy. First and foremost, energy is everything. All is made of energy. Do not think about dimensions as places or material layers of a cake; think of them as energy bands stacked atop one another but in the same ‘space’, like radio/TV stations.
369. Tesla’s ‘369 Keys to the Universe‘ — unveiled and explained in detail by Gary Lite — reveal the how energy is expressing itself mathematically. This math has no anomalies and shows the dimensional shape and function of the universe, which is one of many situated within Source’s omniverse.

Sacred math. Vortex-based mathematics and Sacred Geometry offer insights we can take into account to understand the dimensional structure of existence.

Image result for fibonacci in nature
In the same construction as a galaxy, a hurricane, or a seashell, dimensions are spirals of energy inside of Source.

In following the Fibonacci sequence, each dimension spirals and swirls in an unfurling manner.
Understand: up until now, I have NOT been talking about what happens in each dimension or what kind of entity/collective would correspond with or populate each. I am addressing the pattern/structure of the light-energy that constitutes dimensions within Source.
However, if you’re interested, here’s a couple graphics showing the manifestation/form that consciousness takes to experience each dimension:


I’ll publish a separate piece down the line explaining how consciousness would experience at each dimension as it ascends.
Imagine Observing the Godhead as if you were viewing it head on — directly in front of it. You’d see a golden dot in the very middle as a point, and which extends backward as the central filament of golden light. You’d also see a rotating spherical vortex filled with different and beautiful energy structures, all of different oscillations, speeds, and colors.

The Third, Sixth, and Ninth dimensions are of particular significance. They serve as the core self-actualization frequencies within Source. Dimensions can overlap but consciousness can only perceive of experiences vibrating at the same or lower levels.
Dimensions spin along the rotation of Source as it rotates itself, catapulting itself through the un-manifest. Dimensions are in constant movement, too — their placement is not fixed. But consciousnesses works among each in relatively steady environments. Think about the solar system and the way the Earth is in a state of constant motion. Dimensions work in a similar fashion.
Dimensions exist only so consciousness can experience from different levels. All things exist simultaneously within Source, but since dimensions require consciousness to experience them, your perception is dictated by your level of consciousness based on where your focal point of awareness is working. A 2D tree wouldn't perceive of a 7D planetary collective, though it could feel its love.
Dimensions are non-existent unless there’s something there to experience them. The First Dimension — rocks, minerals, and elementals — will be eliminated from the Matrix once that experience has been completely achieved by consciousness and once all 2D and 3D beings have no further learning objectives with that matter.
Once all individuated units/portions of consciousness are complete with 3D experiences, then there will no longer be any need for First, Second, or Third dimensional observation/experience/presence. Once all aspects of the Source have ascended beyond the 3D, anything less than 3D will be “closed” down, just like someone flipped a switch and the lights go off.

Final Thoughts

Dimensions exist as rotational energetic frequencies within Source and can be likened to our internal cells, arteries, and musculoskeletal system. They exist everywhere but are in constant movement. Dimensions provide different experiences and purposes, and they all work together for the totality.
I will update this article as I continue to gain new insights, downloads, and information about this complex subject.
Here’s a few recommended resources/articles to check out if you want to understand more about the dimensions of reality:


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