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Jul 19

FREE Docu-Series.

July 20, 2019. 




What if you lived in a world that was free of disease, pain, and depression; a world that no longer needed prescription drugs?
And what if you could activate this all-natural healing from within?
Doctors across the globe have unanimously identified a brand new discovery changing the landscape of modern medicine as we know it – a hidden system within the body with the power to treat a range of chronic conditions.
You are invited to witness this discovery firsthand with the premiere of a groundbreaking new docu-series called Hidden Within: The Science of Miracles.
In this 7-part series, you’ll hear from over 20 doctors, researchers and patients who will show you how this brand new medical discovery affects nearly every aspect of your body.
Even better, registration is completely free to view this 7-part series. Learn how, through this discovery, you can:
  • Combat even the deadliest cancers
  • Rid yourself of chronic pain (from arthritis to fibromyalgia)
  • Free yourself from a life filled with prescription drugs
  • Reverse symptoms of MS, dementia and other neurological diseases
  • Overcome insomnia and sleep through the night
  • Break free from the shackles of depression and anxiety
  • Rid yourself of the pain and complications of Crohn’s disease and colitis
Simply put, if you or a loved one are suffering from disease of any kind, you can’t miss this. Click here to watch the trailer and register today.
To your health!


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Jul 19

The arrogance of science has DOOMED humanity… 

eye-opening new video from Adams.

 by: Mike Adams.

July 15th, 2019. 

Mike Adams


Under the banner of "science," humanity has been subjected to mass poisoning, radiation, toxic medications and nutrient-depleted food.

Now, it turns out that "science" is working to annihilate humankind and destroy human civilization. You're not allowed to point this out, or you will be labeled "anti-science".


Image: The arrogance of science has DOOMED humanity… eye-opening new video from Adams.



(Natural NewsThe arrogance of science has doomed humanity, and events have been triggered that will result in the annihilation of human civilization as it exists today. The climate change hoax is the perfect example of how “science” has become a malicious, dangerous cult of lunacy that now demands Earth be turned into a cold, frozen planet by dimming the sun and eliminating carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This pits the climate change cultists squarely against warmth, photosynthesis, liquid water, rainforests, food webs and sustainable ecology.

In a very real way, climate “scientists” have become enemies of life as we know it.
At the same time the “science” lunatics are trying to destroy the atmosphere and thrust the planet into another ice age, they’re also working overtime to poison the children with toxic vaccines, mind-altering medications, nutrient-depleted junk food and cancer-causing herbicides and GMOs. The mass poisoning of humanity is being pursued in the name of “science,” and nearly every member of the scientific establishment has sold out humanity in order to keep collecting grant money, academic recognition and various awards handed out by the very same same globalists that have already slated humanity for global depopulation.
Even beyond all that, scientists have set events in motion that will unleash a nuclear apocalypse during the next solar flare event, resulting in the simultaneous collapse of hundreds of nuclear power plants across the globe. In effect, we will see hundreds of Fukushima meltdowns happening at nearly the same time, even as the governments of the world will lie to their people and claim everything is under control.
As a simple example of the sheer stupidity and arrogance of the “scientific” community, consider the fact that California built most of its nuclear facilities on or near the San Andreas fault line, which will one day undergo a magnitude 9.0 earthquake that will completely destabilize nuclear fuel storage pools and active nuclear reactors:
Watch my eye-opening video lecture to learn more stunning truths about how “science” has doomed humanity.
It’s available exclusively on Brighteon.com, the free speech alternative to YouTube:
Read more about the dangerous cult of modern “science” at ScienceClowns.com.

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