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A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

5 Unhealthy Parenting Styles That Create Imbalanced Children

chamavioleta, 10.04.21

Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free!

Why Do People Gossip? 6 Science-Backed Reasons
 Are you a gossip? I admit I’ve gossiped about people I didn’t like in the past. I’ve even been aware of it at the time. The thing is, I’m one of those annoying people that says ridiculous stuff like ‘Say it to my face’ or ‘I prefer straight-talking people’. So why did I gossip? Why do people gossip? *My Experience with People Who Gossip* “Whoever gossips to you, will gossi...
5 Unhealthy Parenting Styles That Create Imbalanced Children
Everyone has different views on how to parent children. They have resulted in a variety of parenting styles.* There is no doubt that all parents want the best for their children, and do their utmost to raise them well. While their intentions are honorable, some parents may use methods that cause their children to become unbalanced mentally, emotionally and socially. So, what is the relationship betwee...
We Form a Nucleus
Approach me with a joyful heart. There is no need to be anxious or stifled when you desire to establish a living connection with me, your divine Indweller, as I Am all heart. I am a divine Fragment hailed from Paradise to tutor you in love and light, teaching you the ropes of love-in-action, thus activating you as one of my own. “My operational platform is in close proximity to your emotional heart since I coach it toward the emotional free...
Historic court case reveals that NO safety studies were conducted on any vaccine over thirty-two years, as was required by law
 Prominent vaccine injury lawyer, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. joined up with Del Bigtree of the Informed Consent Action Network to hold the federal government accountable on the issue of vaccine safety. In the 1970s and 1980s, there were mounting medical reports of vaccine injury occurring in children. The reactions were mild to severe and sometimes deadly. The reactions were often the result of a very reactive vaccine adjuvant that caused sever...
How To See Auras  Wouldn't it be great to see how people really feel about you, about themselves, and about life in general? Auras display all kinds of information that can help you in your dealings with others. What if you could see auras, or see them better than you ever have in the past? Other people's auras show things that you can use to help them in many ways, often by encouraging them to pursue paths of inquiry - ones that their intuition will...
Your Mind and Your Emotions
 Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are completely fascinated by humanity’s ability to complicate something that is inherently simple. It is not the whole of you that makes something complicated. It is only your mind that does such things. Why would your mind make something more complicated than it actually is? Well, quite simply, your mind is usually protecting your ego. Your mind is protecting the part of you that feels emotion, and it...
Abundance in Its True Form
 I am Lord Melchizedek greetings and welcome to all beings, I extend my light, truth, and my love, I am Lord Melchizedek. I am a collective energy and yet you may see me as a single source, a source of light that oversees the Universal Level and brings forth wisdom, love, knowledge, and the divine plan from the Creator. It is an honor to be in your presence today and I wish to speak of abundance, abundance i...
The Result is a World that Works for Everyone
 I was saying earlier that wealth can magnify one’s sense of entitlement, one’s resolve that “I won’t take this anymore.” In the worst case scenario, the inner Hitler emerges and we become a little – or a large – dictator. Events are conspiring – and I won’t name names because people have a right to their privacy – to mirror back to me my own sense of entitlement. Gawd, is it painful to see oneself as one is. My sense of entitlement hit a dead-end road recently by virtue of my having been in a ver...
Letting in the Light  Ring the bells that still can ring,forget your perfect offering,there is a crack, a crack in everythingthat’s how the light gets in. ~ Leonard Cohen, Anthem I’ve noticed that as soon as I stop focusing on a sufficiently complex activity to keep my mind occupied, I automatically seek out the most troubling problems in my current reality and refocus on them. I will transition from pleasant absorption in a book or an engaging conversation to the misery of how awful things are in a nanosecond. This doesn’t seem like a ...
Get Ready for the New Multiverse
The entire universe is going through an evolution in consciousness. Mankind is at the threshold of a new dimension where we understand ourselves as an aspect of God. It’s the birth of a new era that world religions have been prophesying for millennia. We are at the end of all the yugas, the end of this time as we know it and about to enter a more enlightened age. The heliacal spiral of spirit is penetrating and informing the outer reaches of his own mind and calling us to our new home where the divine and human merge. ...
Your Spiritual Gifts, Abilities and Mastery Are Coming   Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are always tempted to overstep, to offer too much assistance to humanity, even though we know that it serves you very well to face your challenges head on and to access everything that you need from within. We know that this journey you are on is often seeming as though it is much too long and with far too many twists and turns, and we have so much compassion for you when we...
Being Transparent  Being transparent may seem easy but, oftentimes, ends up being the most challenging. Standing in your truth and letting others ‘see’ you for who you are takes a great deal of strength. On the days you do not feel totally up to the challenge it is OK to remain quiet and peaceful, riding the waves as they come. Always remember, you are loved and appreciated for your courage in being one of the few that step forth first. ....
NEW MOON  We are gearing up as we move towards this month’s New Moon on the 11th. The energy of this New Moon offers a time of opening where we are guided towards something new. A transformed vision of the future is forming, and our powers of manifestation are being amplified shifting us out of any feelings of stagnation and inertia. As a result, the next few months will be a time to make new decisions, to take new directions and to let old fears, worries and concerns sink into the past. The tides are changing, and you are being libera.

5 Causes of Aggressive Behavior That Have Childhood Roots ~ Jamie Logie.

chamavioleta, 17.07.19

5 Causes of Aggressive Behavior That Have Childhood Roots.

By Jamie Logie.

July 17, 2019. 




Can aggressive behavior be because of an overreaction to certain situations, or does it have deeper roots?

When you look at all the violence that’s around us, it seems easy to put blame on it. We also might feel that it’s just our human nature to have aggressive behavior and there’s nothing that we can do about it.
It may also be thought of as an act of self-preservation, connected to our evolutionary biology, and important for our survival. But just because we can be aggressive doesn’t mean that we should. We can be calm and under control, so it shows we don’t have to be controlled by behavior that is violent.
Behavior like this never has a place, but it’s important to look at why it’s happening in the first place. If it’s a reaction to a stressful, or threatening situation that may explain some of it, but does it go deeper?
Looking at the causes of aggressive behavior can help to identify if it’s connected to childhood roots. Getting a better understanding of all this can help in dealing with this dangerous situation.

This article will look at 5 causes of aggressive behavior that may have childhood roots.

1. Imitation Of Daily Life & Environment For Aggressive Behavior

This might be one of the easiest causes to identify that has childhood roots. Children mimic what they see and if they are brought up in an aggressive – or violent – environment, this will have a serious impact on them.
The problem that happens is that this aggressive behavior can accidentally be encouraged without people being aware of it. If we ignore this behavior, it can signal to the child it’s ok and they will continue to act this way throughout their lives.
In worse situations, this behavior may have been encouraged at a young age and it’s cemented into them as a positive characteristic. The instinct to act this way continues into adulthood with the individual unable to understand why it’s become a part of them.

2. Poor Relationship Skills

Some people have had trouble developing proper relationship skills and this can cause them to lash out and get aggressive. It can all come down to being frustrated and not knowing how to handle this frustration. They may also feel overwhelmed in various relationships and it becomes their default setting.
We can trace this back to childhood and a lack of a nurturing environment. The individual may start to see people as threats instead of being able to connect with them. This behavior can easily be carried into the future creating more frustration as they may not understand why relationships can’t develop or be maintained.

3. Trouble Coping With Emotions

Everyone has trouble dealing with emotions at some point, but a well-adjusted person will have learned to cope. Different emotions can easily cause aggressive behavior whether it’s fear, guilt, jealousy, or sadness. When that person gets older, those same emotions can cause the aggressive outbursts as they have never learned how to manage their feelings.
Children cannot handle emotions and it needs to be taught and nurtured, so it doesn’t lead to destructive behavior. This can be even tougher for people with cognitive disorders, or having autism spectrum disorder, as childhood will be even more frustrating.
Besides not having the ability to cope with the frustration, they might not even know why they are feeling the way they do. They also may not even be able to describe the situation causing the frustration.

4. Socioeconomic Status

Whether it’s a child or an adult, certain socioeconomic circumstances can trigger stressors that might lead to behavior that’s aggressive. There can be many factors that cause this including feelings of oppression in the household because of unemployment, lack of financial stability, living situations, and education.
These conditions would affect adults in the household and this would trickle down to any children living there. The child could then carry this mindset into adulthood and those same stressors will again cause aggressive behavior.

5. Depression

Depression is often a cause of this negative behavior, but it might also have childhood roots. Research from 1998 shows that there is a close association between the quality of the child-parental relationship, aggression, and maternal depression.
The evidence also suggests that depressive symptoms in mothers who display negative, unsupportive, and withdrawn behaviors towards their offspring are less likely to develop secure attachments.
Depression in mothers can have a negative impact on children leading to their own depression that causes aggressive behavior. Then when those kids who are depressed have their own children, the cycle continues to repeat.
There are also studies that show a strong connection between depression and aggressive behavior in adolescent males. You can even look back a few years and predict this behavior before it happens. It goes back to looking at the offspring of depressed mothers. When the kids become young adults, they can begin to display this behavior at age 20.

Final Thoughts

There are many causes of aggressive behavior and it’s something that needs to be taken very seriously. It’s important to identify what is causing it, and sometimes it means looking back into the past.
Looking at a person’s childhood can give some insight into what may cause this behavior. From there, correcting it may be much more possible.
About the Author: Jamie Logie

 Jamie Logie is a personal trainer, nutritionist, and health & wellness specialist. Jamie also studied sociology and psychology at Western University and has a counseling diploma from Heritage Baptist College. He has run a blog and top-rated podcast on iTunes called "Regained Wellness". Jamie is also a contributing writer for places like the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, LifeHack and has an Amazon #1 book called "Taking Back Your Health".

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