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A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

Your light is rising up as the darkness dissipates

chamavioleta, 07.04.21

Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free!

Your light is rising up as the darkness dissipates
Greetings beloved angels in form, walking on hallowed ground of the New Earth in the making. We see you as holiness in progress, exploring deep purpose and forgiveness in this time. This one has been having ascension symptoms presenting as spine pain for over a week as have many of you. Be encouraged, for your etheric wings are strengthening in the gusts of the energetics that surround. You are growing stronger, wiser, braver, bol...
Inner Conflict and Pain Avoidance
Folks, if you've bought a copy of our new book, “Around the Galaxy,” through Smashwords, you may have received a flawed copy. I have tried to upload it several times and what Smashwords calls “the meat grinder,” which is what they call their manuscript processing software, has posted copies with blank spaces and missing pictures. If you've received a copy like this, please return it. I'm still working on this. Hopefully, this new version is correct. Amazon's processor is more author frien...
Today, this day in early April 2021, is a wonderful day for we are at last free, we are free, we are free, of the deception perception. We lightworkers, starseeds are moving into the love vibration. We are moving out of time, as it exists on earth, and into the now moment of eternity. And we loudly and proudly proclaim it to the universe. For we have been enmired and enmeshed, imprisoned in the fear filled, third dimensional, planet earth, hologram schoolroom. And ... 
Takes One to Know One? But I ain’t One
I was having a discussion which revolved around pedophilia and Epstein and I found myself saying, for the second time recently, I don’t know anything about why someone would visit, stay on at, or return to Jeffrey Epstein’s island. I really don’t. To say something intelligent about it, it’d have to be in my field of experience or memory or something. It takes one to know one. Like that. But the problem is: I ain’t one. Why would a person torture a young child and capture their adrenochrome-rich blood? W...
The Most Elusive Captive in the Universe
Meditating among liars and retreating sternly into myself, I see* *that there are really no liars or lies after all…* *And that each thing exactly represents itself and what has preceded it,* *And that the truth includes all…* *And henceforth I will go celebrate any thing I see or am,* *And sing and laugh and deny nothing.* ~ Walt Whitman, All is Truth There’s not a whole lot about truth that seems self-evident, these days. Yours is yours and mine is mine and never the twain might meet. I hadn’t counte...
Christ Conciousness Frequencies Incoming
 I wanted to drop a quick note about the energies are streaming into the planet are really amazing. It is pure Christ Consciousness. I see it as a beautiful blue diamond shimmering light. While these energies are coming from outside of us, they activate what is already within us. Like a light switch these frequencies help to turn on the coding within us that contains our divinity and the path to our highest knowing, being and understanding. Sit for a moment, go still and connect in with your heart space. ...
New Ascension Simulation Portals
Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are in the process of opening new portals all around your planet that will give you a taste of what your ascension experience will be like when you tune in to the energies coming through these portals. We know that many of you feel ready to complete your ascension now, to move on from the fourth-dimensional Earth, and we can appreciate that desire. However, we invite you to appreciate what a monu...
Our Galactic Family is Calling to US! Are we ready to hear them? "OUR GALACTIC FAMILY" *TO ENJOY THIS MEETING* *PLEASE CLICK THE BELOW LINK:  ...
Sweden Cancels Bill Gates Geoengineering Project To Block The Sun Due To Catastrophic Consequences
Bill Gates has proposed and funded a geoengineering experiment to determine whether blotting out the Sun with aerosols could reverse global warming. This experiment was undertaken by Sweden’s space agency. But now they have called off this project as they are facing a great opposition from the environmental activists. [image: Sweden Cancels Bill Gates Geoengineering Project To Block The Sun Due To Catastrophic Consequences] The experiment wa...
Examine Yourself
I am Judas and today used to be a day of sorrow, everything was quiet and still and the shortcomings of humanity were mourned. We can also see it as we bury our imperfection and begin to move to the light of perfection. We rise to a new dimension in our minds and hearts. Jesus was a guide and tried to explain to the people of that day which way we were meant to go. He tried to do this through his own life and with different stories taken from their own...
The Last Days In Jerusalem
Beloved people, you messengers of God and angels in human form. Do you know who you are? Gods from eternity, from the light of all being. There is no separation between us, except that which you yourselves have determined through your lack of awareness and have thus called into your lives. Truly I say to you: We are all one! Unchangeable and all time, from eternity to eternity. I greet you and your heart fills with my love. The power of all life from the ...
Is My Marriage Over? 10 Ways to Know for Sure
Is My Marriage Over? 10 Ways to Know for SureSherrie Hurd, A.A. ** *April 4th, 2021* From the fights and disagreements to the silent treatment, have you asked yourself one important question, “Is my marriage over?” I’m no marriage counselor, but I’ve been divorced before – make that twice. The thing about my first marriage is that I knew it was dead years before I asked for the divorce. No matter how many times I tried to make it work, something kept coming between my ex-husband and me. I should have seen the red flags because they were everywhere. And this is ho...
Nature and Our Planet Talk Series – The Forest is a Sponge
The Prepare for Change Nature Restoration Group is inviting you to join Antoine for a monthly class / talk about forestry and nature. Each month Antoine from le Rêve de Gaia Foundation holds a ZOOM class that elaborates on his most recent post in the Nature and Our Planet section of our website During his class, he gives a short presentation followed by a delightful question and answer session. Saturday 10 April at 17.30 Paris time This Saturday the topi...
This Eternal Adventure
The Beloved: “An education you shall have My child, because I hold the pattern and blueprint of your eternal life in My Hands. I know all your capabilities and potentials the Eternal Creator has endowed you with, and I, as the ultimate Gift from the Father, have brought My own Endless Gifts of unfoldment to you. Surely child, your trusting Me more and more can only serve you to your advantage. Once you realize more clearly My will for you, why w...
A New World of Hope and Great Possibilities
What if we could completely transform the world so that we could experience true freedom and opportunity like never before? The 2011 film "THRIVE: What on Earth Will it Take?" posed that question and unpacked the obstacles and the opportunity between us and a truly thriving world. It became one of the most widely seen documentaries in history, with over 90 million views in 27 languages! Now, the sequel, "THRIVE II: This is What It Ta...
Show Your Love
You are being called to your purpose…even if you are not sure of what it might be yet. Each of you waking up to and walking in your light are needed. Engage your original gifts as well as your newly learned skills, show your love and let those not yet awake know you are there for them. ...
Balance is central to where we are right now and maintaining balance is key to harnessing the incoming waves of energy. To truly sense and feel our way forward our balance must be sound and the four key aspects of ourselves, our hearts, our body, our mind and our spirit must be aligned. These four aspects form the foundational corners of our lives and as such need to be stable. With this stability we find we are no longer controlled by doubt and fear making it easier to both sense and feel our soul’s guidance ...
Evergreen is the Final Wake Up Call
Q and Team have designed the Evergreen operation to awaken Humanity en mass and to let them face the reality of sheer evil committed by forces that tyrannised them and changed their perception of truth. It clearly is showing the world who are involved in this crime against humanity, while breaking up the entire Deep State-infrastructure of trafficking rings. This operation blocked the Suez Canal for maximum public attention. It was planned not only to break up the global monetary system, but also to end the Dee...
Canada’s COVID Internment Camps Violate ‘The Most Basic Human Rights
The popular Fox News host also talked about what is called the ‘Great Reset.’ Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at Canada’s policy of quarantining travelers in “designated facilities” — hotels the pundit called “internment camps.” “What if your next-door neighbor suddenly went dangerously insane and started holding people hostage in his house?” asked Carlson. “Canada, the land mass directly to our north and our single largest trading partner, with whom we share the longe...
Huge effort under way to target blacks for the VAX... go to the front of the line
Why are the vaccine pushers so excited about making sure Blacks in America get vaccinated first? And why would any African-American person trust the same government that once ran the Tuskegee experiments and told those human guinea pigs they were being "treated" with medicine when they were actually being sacrificed in the name of "science?" Vermont is just the latest state to target Blacks for vaccine priority... ever wonder why? See the full article he...

Exploration of 6 to 9.

chamavioleta, 21.07.19

Lord Melchizedek.

Through Natalie Glasson.

July 19, 2019. 

Natalie Glasson from Sacred School of OmNa

Posted July 13, 2019




Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa



The definition and explanation I wish to share with you of the dimensions 6 – 9 of the Creator’s Universe is a simple expression in order to encourage you to access, download and experience the energies to aid your ascension. Others may describe the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe differently, they are after all abundant in energy, wisdom, and expression, there is much to draw upon, access and many different ways to explain the dimensions. Each explanation becomes an expression of truth and an access point for greater exploration. Your purpose with the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe is to access and explore the energies, developing your own understanding and encounters with the Creator, thus recognising the presence of the Creator in your reality in multiple ways.
I, Lord Melchizedek, invite you to feel into the energy of each dimension, in doing so you will gain your own experience of the dimensions, which will be aligned with your current ascension pathway and evolution, offering you that which is essential to aid your acceleration. In truth, the understanding you gain from each dimension is connected to what you require to take the next step of your spiritual evolution on all levels of your being.
6th Dimension  
The 6th dimension, I enjoy labelling the ‘Era of Remembrance,’ as it denotes a period of ascension where you are able to grasp profound remembrance of the Creator and self as the Creator, whether on a thought and understanding level or on an emotional and knowing level. Remembrance can be your entire being activating, healing and channeling more light through your being. It can be accessing a sense of purpose that is fulfilling especially on a soul and physical level. The 6th dimension can be interpreted as instigating the completion of ascension. It reveals to you the stages that are essential to complete your mastery and learning upon the Earth, as well as allowing you to break away from the rebirth cycle accessing oneness with the Creator, while remaining physically present upon the Earth. Qualities promoted by the 6th dimension are an enhanced inner knowingness, the ability to access divine ideas, expanding divine wisdom and knowledge, inspiration which promotes perceptions beyond limitations and illusions.
The 6th dimension reinforces your connection and communication with your soul, allowing powerful soul discovery journeys and deepening expressions of your soul through all levels of your being. If you are finding it challenging to connect with your soul, wish to enhance your communication with your soul or receive guidance from your soul, it is ideal to request the 6th dimension to download into your being at the appropriate vibrations to support you. If you wish to connect on a deeper or soul level with other people in your reality you can request this from the 6th dimension. There are many other requests which can be made, such as the balancing of your spiritual body, clarity in order to remember divine information, wisdom and knowledge to support your ascension or synthesising with your Ascended Master self in order to discover your ascension pathway to completion of your ascension mastery upon the Earth. If you find your intuition is blocked or you are unable to gain inner guidance the 6th dimension can support you by aligning you with your soul.  I, Lord Melchizedek, recognise the 6th dimension as the centre of the ascension processes many are moving through at this time. It is so filled with inspiration and tremendous support, it is worthwhile downloading and anchoring into your being and reality, even if you are uncertain of the purpose of your anchoring.
7th Dimension   
The 7th dimension in many ways denotes new beginnings because of its ability to activate and instigate new learning and a change of your current perceptions into new ideas which inspire and expand your awareness. The 7th dimension can feel fresh and expansive as it invites you to detach from and let go of anything that is hindering or limiting your ascension and mastery. The process of detachment is the key focus of the 7th dimension, much emphasis is placed upon understanding the method and benefits of detachment, which can be applied to all levels of your being. Detachment isn’t to disconnect or disregard, it is to let go of bonds that cause you separation with the Creator and recreate bonds of love, trust, and truth. It is this process which instigates new learning and even a reassessment of your spiritual pathway, to accept a pathway which is meaningful for your current transitions of ascension.
If you feel stuck in your ascension evolution or unable to see, sense or acknowledge your spiritual pathway forward the 7th dimension can be anchored to support you. It is important to observe whether there are some people, situations or objects which you are deeply attached to, with this discovery ask the 7th dimension to support your detachment and reforming of bonds of love, trust and truth. You will notice that your love for the person, situation or object enhances tremendously while allowing you to experience a liberation from any suffering, hinderance, negativity or bond that drains you of energy.
A speciality of the 7th dimension is aiding the acceptance of and alignment with your soul group. When requested, many activations and alignments can be instigated within your being to further your remembrance of your unification with your soul group.
8th Dimension   
The 8th dimension is a powerful space to exist within and access as it allows you to experiment, test and explore divine concepts, new ideas and even the manifestation of intentions before they anchor physically. This means that if you wish to manifest a certain outcome in your reality you can trial it in the 8th dimension and assessing whether it will truly serve and fulfil you. Often that which we believe will create fulfilment in our realities does not always satisfy us in the ways we expect. The 8th dimension allows you to explore during meditation and sleep time to support you in accessing the ideas, concepts, and intentions that will truly support you in experiencing fulfilment on the Earth and within your spiritual ascension.
You can request to download and experience the 8th dimension energies during meditation. Then hold your focus and attention on your intentions or that which you wish to create. Visualise, sense or acknowledge the unfolding and development of your intention in your reality. You may feel as if you are imagining or making it up, this does not matter, the key is to recognise whether the intention you are focusing upon serves you. If you discover it would serve you then continue to focus upon it in your daily reality, if it does not then erase it and create a new intention, testing this in the 8th dimension.
The 8th dimension specialises in enhancing your conscious awareness of your soul group, thus allowing you to embody your soul group consciously within your physical body and reality. This can be requested from the 8th dimension.
9th Dimension  
In the 9th dimension you are supported in surrendering to the divine intelligence of the Creator. In doing so you are able to obtain, access and allow the entrance of new divine concepts, ideas, inspiration from the Creator. You are able to connect with higher aspects of the Creator’s Universe, downloading these into your awareness and remembrance. The acceptance of co-creation and the divine influence or guidance of the Creator is a key aspect of the 9th dimension. This dimension truly fuels your spiritual evolution by supporting you in accessing an abundance of inspiration, enlightenment, and divine truth, while enhancing your ability to surrender and connect with the Creator.
The 9th dimension energies and ideas can be downloaded into the 8th dimension in order to be more fully explored and to evaluate how the energy would be experienced on the Earth. If you feel stuck, confused, wish to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and all that is the Creator, wish to expand your awareness or connect on a deeper level with all that is the Creator, the 9th dimension can support you.
The 9th dimension also aids your conscious awareness of your Soul Group and your Soul Groups spiritual evolution of working with and integrating with other Soul Groups in order to aid the divine will of the Creator.
During meditation you may wish to call upon each dimension individually, 6 – 9, requesting a download of the most appropriate energies, qualities, and wisdom to be grounded into your being. Take time to observe the influence of the energy upon your being. Some dimensions may feel more impactful than others, allowing you to understand what your body, mind, and soul require in your current stage of ascension.
With sacred support and love for you,

Lord Melchizedek



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