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A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

Crystalline Corridor: Earthquakes and Gateways

chamavioleta, 20.07.19


Sandra Walter.

July 11th, 2019. 

Blessings Beloveds. 
Note: This article is for Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers who work with Gaia. It is a heart-share on the latest unfoldments and may not be applicable to all journeys.
The Crystalline Corridor is a central channel of a huge area encompassing the Pacific Coast of the US and California. It reaches up through the volcanic legacy of Oregon and Washington. It branches into Nevada, Arizona, Utah, parts of Colorado, Kansas an Arkansas to the East where it anchors into the central crystal beds of North America. It also connects to the Hawaiian Islands to the West.
The Crystalline Corridor has several anchor points. Mount Shasta is the strongest of its multidimensional nodes, since it serves as a bridge between worlds and timelines. Shasta also houses Lemurian templates, records and beings who are in service to the Ascension. A triangulation occurs between Mount Shasta – Sedona – Southern California, and I have worked this area consistently since 2013.
Lemuria, or the lost continent of Mu, had a long and dramatic dismantling. Your perspective on those events depends on how you view the timelines, so I leave you to your own beliefs about what unfolded. The entire west coast of the US was formed during those events, some say half of North America is remnants of the land cracking, erupting, freezing, thawing and migrating until it merged for a moment into what we label as North America today.
The Crystalline Corridor bridges both Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations with the future trajectory of Ascension, for a complete resolution of those eras and the conflicts which arose on those timelines.
The key here is the Lemurian and Atlantean forethought (oh how clear we were back in the day) of how to preserve Christed timelines and outcomes for the Ascension. We employed the ability to etherically imprint ancient structures, crystal beds and aquifers with best-case-scenario triggers. Best case scenario: We wake up and remember where they are, and listen to the whispers of our past and future selves when guided to activate them.
Remember this planet is built for Ascension. Gaia’s primary elemental is water, and her most abundant mineral is silicon dioxide (crystal). Combine that with the extensive use of gold by Inner Earth folks, and the etheric portals, geometries and templates planted all over the Crystalline Corridor, and we have a very powerful amplifier for the Ascension.
This is what hundreds of Gridworkers and Gatekeepers have been activating over the last few years. This is why we plant/place crystals with that intent. This is why we go in the physical with our Gate-activating DNA to these remote areas. This is why we witness the miraculous – and receive confirmation from Gaia herself as these areas amplify.
The Undeniable Invitation: Why I was there for the Earthquake
You might remember my journey to Arkansas before the election in 2016. My Higher Levels have always been direct when things need to unfold. Let everything go, including the living space. That has been consistent in this journey, however there is a sense of urgency when larger activations or timeline shifts are about to present. Arkansas involved two months of travel, clearing the corridor and connection between Shasta and Arkansas crystal beds. It also involved removing the dark Atlantean anchoring in the crystal vortexes, and removing lesser timelines which controlled certain aspects of government. On that journey, earthquakes followed several gate activations exactly where the crystals were placed. This kept happening all along the path, across middle-of-nowhere Nevada, Utah, Oklahoma, Kansas…it was strong shift passage. Those nodes continue to quake when amplification occurs (like right now.)
This month’s Gatekeeping started to present in April, with the same pattern as the Arkansas journey. Have to move out of my space, store the belongings, hit the road and be at a certain location on July 4. My Higher Levels showed me the path through the Crystalline Corridor, which I had just visited on the way back from Sedona in May. Usually I travel the West side of the Sierra Nevadas, however the East side (down Route 395) was presenting again. I had no intentions of leaving Shasta or my friends in Summer, that’s our precious mountain time. But I know this direction, this feeling of urgency, and the visitation from the Brotherhood stepped up, so something significant was unfolding.
With my small belongings in storage, I spent three days on the mountain getting uploaded with codes, visions, and unique energies from the Lemurians and Masters. Most of the Lemurian etheric gifts presented as crowns, jewels and geometries. The Brotherhood provided direction: Amethyst crystals were acquired and activated in their presence before departure. A pure amplification of the 2020 timelines – which activated June 4 – was about to release Freedom codes for the collective. As always with the Higher Level coordination, many Gridworkers were on the move that week, some came to Shasta as I left, and we continue the grid point *musical chairs* during this passage.
Resolution of the Old Stories
The Lemurian-Atlantean conflicts were deeply embedded in Lightworker’s hearts, as well as the US crystal beds. With the Atlantean story dissolving since 2016, the Lemurian story needed resolution as well. Remember that higher timelines need the through-line; a resolution so that past-present-future can merge, harmonize and carry forth the no-story-shall-stick of New Earth. Gaia reminded us of this surrendering of stories last year. Most of you know we have been working on merging the Inner Earth Grids, another activity completed on June 4. Everything is amplification now, at an accelerated rate.
Freedom codes release our DNA from distortions and limitation. We migrate to higher timelines with more flow and experience new unified creativity. That Gate had to open in a Zero-Point neutral state.
I traveled from Shasta to Mono Lake on July 3rd, where a standing Gate has been placed for a very long time. Standing Gates look like vertical plates with intricate codes, similar to a stargate, that typically remain closed until a trigger point occurs for Ascension amplification. Mono Lake is an ancient lake (700,000 years old). My first encounter with it was in 2007, and I had full-blown anxiety attack just getting near it (blessings to my BFF for driving us in anyway.) Don’t cling to old stories of interference there; all of our work on the corridor has dissolved the influence of what unfolded there in the past.
I arrived at the lake just after SUNset July 3, called in the Divine Team, placed the amethysts, and began a channeled invocation which included the *resolution and purification of all Lemurian-Atlantean conflict and timelines.* The invocation went on to include the complete dissolvement of ALL conflict, and the full release of the Freedom codes. As I faced South, the standing Gate blasted open to the South, and a surge of clear, pure golden-diamond light shot through it. The flow headed south through the main corridor, beside Route 395 toward Barstow. The whole corridor leveled up. I was told to keep pushing South, both in the physical and energetically with that wave, as it would open many Gates along the path. I continued driving South.
The next morning of July 4th, which is Independence Day in the US, I was on the 395, placing crystals, focusing on Freedom Codes and feeling the amplified flow through the corridor. As Divine timing and Gaia would have it, I was in Searles Valley when the earthquakes began. This is the area where the triangulation occurs between Shasta, Sedona and LA. The Freedom codes activated, lesser timelines dropped off, and the higher timelines shifted to accommodate the pure 2020 intensity. While there was a bit of last-ditch-effort to prevent this shift or turn it into something else (hence the Brotherhood’s urgency for me to be there at that moment), the quakes themselves are a result of the release and activation.
To my awareness, I was the only Gatekeeper called in the physical to be on site that morning. Between the direction, timing and energetic unfoldments before and after, this was a significant activation. That’s not egoic at all, I represent the entire Gatekeeping collective, i just happened to heed the call to be there. Giving up everything, leaving one’s home and traveling like this is just part of the starseed service. the Brotherhood makes it very clear when something significant needs our attention.
The locals (it is a remote area of the desert) dealt with power outages and each other with kindness, ease and grace. (Let us remember how easy it is to unify people during Earth shifts.)
I stayed most of the day in that area, balancing, expanding the light through the grids, and receiving the new light and codes pouring out from the epicenter. Quakes went off where crystals were placed along the corridor, it was fascinating to watch. What a vibration (literally and etherically) to receive. In that moment, it felt like Gaia desired to reveal everything in the Living Library. As many have said, the planet herself may reveal more than any group or HUmans can.
Gatekeepers and Gridworkers are on distribution and stability (not repression, let the Higher Self guide it.) The freedom codes continue to surge along the corridor lines (not the major fault lines, there is a difference) and release through the New Earth/Crystalline Grids.
Some Factors to Note on this Activation:
  • Crystalline Corridor Gridworkers have been active for the last 3 months with the Inner Earth Grid merge (June 4). We have been passing through here in the physical doing the good work on this particular project since May; specifically in this exact area. We knew it would be strong, and will continue to amplify.
  • Quake watches are elevated due to the excess of water in California. Water is being redistributed globally; sometimes fissures need to open, or are under pressure from higher water tables. Please release any support of lower agendas to turn this into something else. No chance.
  • The subduction of this portion of the rim puts extreme pressure on the plates. The supression of quake activity and amplification of fear with consistent propaganda of *the big one any day now* causes a dangerous build up of energy and pressure. Intense pressure causes more damage, and there are folks who do not want HUmanity to receive Freedom codes or activations. Hence the last-ditch effort to cause fear around a truly benevolent activation and collective timeline shift. As for the military ops in the area, which Gridworkers have witnessed and dealt with for years, please be aware of the vast amount of positive infiltration in those areas. Bridging activity is everywhere, and we are unifying quickly.
  • Now that the access point is open and codes are flowing, focus on allowing the codes and activation energies to spread across the US to take the pressure off. Use the crystal anchor points and your own Gates, or simply command any crystal placed by a Lightworker – that New Earth Grid is there.
  • Eclipses amplify all of our service work, especially the grids. We were told it would be a strong month.
  • The Schumann Resonance has been shooting up since the 4th.
  • Two reverse polarity SUNspots have appeared this month, which may herald a shift in the Solar dynamics.
  • The Sirian stargate has been open through all of this, providing a boost of codes and Ascension frequencies for Solaris, and in turn, us. Geomagnetic storms assist this.
  • Expect more Inner Earth visitation and unification with your past-present-future Self: the corridor was created for the timeline resolution and split. We also had a migration of many Inner Earth folks from Shasta to Sedona in the last 2 years, another aspect of this corridor’s function.
  • Note the Grid-DNA connection presenting again. Activations with the ancient structures are much stronger when the physical is present. Remote influencing/activation is helpful, however if you are guided to venture into the desert, don’t be afraid of the land. Gaia is as immortal as you are (and everything else.) Pack water and fill your gas tank, those were the first things folks scrambled for.
  • UPDATE: Ben from Suspicious Observers mentioned a paper on Mono Lake three days after this post. I investigated a few of those papers which describe the unusual geomagnetic anomalies in that area. It is a site for birthing radical polarity shift events, and documents the shift cycles throughout history. This may be backup for WHY there is a Standing Gate at Mono Lake, and why it was involved in the collective timeline shift in such a dramatic way.
  • Blackouts since the activation: Pay attention, this is ALL GOOD.
  • SPREAD THE CODES and the energies through the grids, across the US and beyond. It takes the pressure off the epicenter.
Responsible Creation: The Broader Perspective
This is the 2020 acceleration, we have been in it since June. Etheric first, physical second. The Ascension has already happened in the higher realms and is anchoring into these denser experiences. It becomes physicalized, just like our Embodiment. Gaia reflects expansion in the physical just as we do.
While the lesser realities still exist for as long as you need them, an important reminder for those who are swayed by suspicion and lower agenda propaganda: Stop. Falling. For. Old. Tricks. Think victory, not victim.
Are there dark agendas still running? In the lower timelines, courtesy of polarized HUmans fueling lower agendas. Technically, those realities are already gone, they are running the hologram on empty. We went through this last year with the California wildfires; folks started painting every wildfire with the same laser-beam brush. Watch your words, they create realities.
Remember your Creator Self, beloveds. All can be healed and shifted instantly. Fear is a low-vibrational drain, and an easy way to pull Lightworkers into timeline loops. If you assume every quake over the next year is unnatural, you will be a busy tool for keeping the lesser timelines running – for you. Realities are based on collective perception – nothing becomes real without observation. If you fall victim to those negative persuasions, your expansion gets delayed. The choice is on you, moment to moment.
This is the passage where the division amplifies, dear hearts. Lightworkers have subdued this side of the ring of fire for years. Let Gaia do what she needs to do with as much ease and grace as possible. Be a good friend and honor her intentions to change and expand, don’t hold her back because you want things to stay the same or feel safe. And please don’t empower drama or negative predictions. Be a responsible Creator and hold the highest possibility.
Fortunately the vibration of love has a higher light quotient and more influence in the co-creative realm. When others attempt to steer outcomes with fear dynamics, stay conscious. Keep your heart aligned with positive change. Be aware that every situation is influenced by your perception, and if your perception is swayed into a co-creation of drama it will amplify – for you. Watch your words-as-commands.
Gearing up for another Eclipse
Amplification, freeing and releasing this massive area is a focus in July, and through the Lunar Eclipse. Domino-effect unfoldments will continue, that’s our 2020 timeline taking shape. They do not have to be dramatic, watch your words, actions and thoughts.
The High-Vibe Tribe dedicated to Peace, Unity and Ascension, hold tremendous weight in how these timelines unfold for the collective. Stay unified and focused on the highest timelines of Love. Discard all fearful communication or attempts to delay the inevitable. As the timelines divide, the experience becomes increasingly different for all choices. Lemurian energies of creativity, harmony with the land, and peace also increase.
Stay conscious, positive and focused on embodiment, as that continues to change everything.
UPDATE: Our Unity Meditation during the Lunar Eclipse was the most profound and transcendent I have felt. Such a deep connection with the Tribe! We are seeing and visiting each other, opening each other’s hearts and having a beautiful unified experience of 5D. This is collective DNA in action! Bring on the 144 strands.
Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!
In Love, Light and Service,


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