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A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free!

chamavioleta, 06.04.21

Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free!

Khazarian Mafia Running Biden Psy-ops Out of Switzerland
The grotesque psychological warfare operation against the American people known as the “Biden presidency” is run out of an underground base in Switzerland, MI6, NSA, FSB, CIA, and other sources agree. The base straddles the borders of Lichenstein, Austria, and Switzerland, allowing entry from any of those three countries, according to a CIA source. However, despite the overwhelmingly dark story of pandemic doom and “foreign enemies,” in the corporate media, the...
Evergreen is the Final Wake Up Call
Q and Team have designed the Evergreen operation to awaken Humanity en mass and to let them face the reality of sheer evil committed by forces that tyrannised them and changed their perception of truth. It clearly is showing the world who are involved in this crime against humanity, while breaking up the entire Deep State-infrastructure of trafficking rings. This operation blocked the Suez Canal for maximum public attention. It was planned not only to break up the global monetary system, but also to end the Dee...
Canada’s COVID Internment Camps Violate ‘The Most Basic Human Rights’
The popular Fox News host also talked about what is called the ‘Great Reset.’ Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at Canada’s policy of quarantining travelers in “designated facilities” — hotels the pundit called “internment camps.” “What if your next-door neighbor suddenly went dangerously insane and started holding people hostage in his house?” asked Carlson. “Canada, the land mass directly to our north and our single largest trading partner, with whom we share the longe...
Huge effort under way to target blacks for the VAX... go to the front of the line
Why are the vaccine pushers so excited about making sure Blacks in America get vaccinated first? And why would any African-American person trust the same government that once ran the Tuskegee experiments and told those human guinea pigs they were being "treated" with medicine when they were actually being sacrificed in the name of "science?" Vermont is just the latest state to target Blacks for vaccine priority... ever wonder why? See the full article he...
How It Feels to Be the Black Sheep of the Family and How to Cope
What does it mean to be the black sheep of the family? More importantly, how can you deal with this status, this brand that’s been put upon you? The first time I heard the words ‘black sheep’ was after my brother told my parents I’d been sexually abused. When he asked what they were going to do abou1t it, they said, “Well, we can’t say anything because we would be black sheep in the family.” In this case, I’m not so sure they even understood the true definition...
4 Truths about People Who Are Overly Critical of Others
We’re all capable of being critical of others. Although it’s important to reign in our judgments and consider what we’re projecting out into the world, criticism is sometimes an involuntary reaction to something that we find upsetting. However, there is a world of difference between being a little snarky about actions you might disagree with and being so critical of other people that you begin to fail to see the joy, light, and humor in the every...
A lot of work is ahead for the Human Civilization
Greetings My Children, I am Father, God, Prime Creator and I am here today to share my experiences on Earth. I have been connected telepathically to this channel 24/7 since March 2020. My goal was and still is to help humanity to move faster to their Ascension. I spend for 6 months daily interacting with the group through the channel. I was quite surprised, how much resistance the group had towards my teachings. The members were from different parts of the world. In the g...
Predictions, Timelinesand Simple Universal Truths
Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are giving you what we can when we can because we have a sense of what you are ready for and what will ruin certain surprises that you have in store for yourselves. We also never know which timeline you are going to choose for yourselves, because you have that option. You can choose what you are going to experience, and many people do not realize that. There are some very simple ...
At Eastertime, We Celebrate Jesus's Ascension
It may be that every religion either has its Ascension lore or else is by its very nature an Ascension manual. Christianity and Buddhism are examples of the first and Taoism or the Watercourse Way an example of the second. The Buddha upon his death – or mahasamadhi – passed from Nirvana to Mahaparinirvana – “the great state beyond Nirvana.” (1) That is surely Ascension. Ascension, by the way, does not stop with our rise from the Third/Fourth to the Fifth. It continues, as I’m sure did the Buddh...
Change Consciousness
There are many things being asked of us as lightworkers. As waiters at the banquet of Ascension, we’re now seating customers and readying ourselves to take orders. With the Reval will come the feast. The speeches (Ascension) will come after. While the feast is in progress, the waiters are super-busy, as we will be after the Reval. So far to date, we’ve led what I think we’ll later consider a life in the slow lane. Progressively people have had less and less to spend due to the buyer’s market ...
Lilli’Anna Speaks to "Where are we with the Mother’s Plan?"
The Mother’s Plan is actually on schedule, sweet one. The truth is winning out. Another beautiful gem lovingly shared by Sarah from her personal reading with Linda Dillon. Lilli’Anna is Sarah’s beloved Guardian Angel. Sarah: What can you tell me about the current world situation? Where are we exactly with the Mother’s Plan and are the Forces of Light well on the way, or is it more complicated than expected? Lilli’Anna: Oh, it is extraordinarily complicated… and it is extraordinaril...
The Old Ways are Disintegrating
In the last few hours and days we have been lifted into a much higher vibrational frequency and this will accelerate in the next 48 hours. The great purification is now happening in earnest, as the old is put into Sacred Fires and all is transmuted into the purest God frequency The energy vortexes around the earth are now being attuned to the vibrational frequency of the new Earth. I was so clearly shown this, this morning and thus know that as our own vibrational frequency moves into the higher octaves, our physical re...
GFL Plans WRT Dracos and Zetas
Me: Ivo, I think my spaghetti sauce is going to have to wait another day to be cooked. This is way too interesting. Yes, I have “Around the Galaxy” to post up tonight on two sites, but you dropped a bomb on us in our video, “Vulnerability and Exploitation” when you spoke about the GFL's plans for the galaxy. You said, “As long as they (other extraterrestrial races) are positive and there are no marauding bands of exploitative negative factions of their kind in the galaxy. We have treaties wi...
Your Time Has Come ~ Your Giddiness Has Arrived
Dear Ones, A new dimension has become part of your being. Last week, we, of the Universes, discussed giddiness and unusual life sparkle. Such is so because you are discovering what was once difficult has become easy. And that those you disliked or felt uncomfortable with have little meaning in your life. This new you is the result of the energies floating about the earth encouraging, even demanding, that you accept you in all your glory. In 3D, you were not supposed to be too gre...
New Podcast + Special Note from Team Lee
Pam Gregory, acclaimed astrologist and author, is our special guest. From the moment she had her first reading in Canada after University with only $100 in her pocket, she knew there would be a lifelong journey with astrology. Pam studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in the UK and went on to complete a Masters Course. Globally known for her YouTube videos and her monthly newsletter, Pam has created a busy astrological practice in the South of England. She has also written two books, You Don’t Real...
Who You Need To Be
There will always be people who have misconceptions about you. Please keep in mind that each one of you have had your thoughts and feelings colored by your experiences. It is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it just is. The only time it becomes an issue is when you let another’s misconceptions dictate how you choose to live. Allow yourself the time to realize that, regardless of what others think of you, you are and have always been exactly who you need to be in any given moment. And that, my beautiful...
This is a beautiful time of rebirth where the new is being activated. There is a lighter and fresher feel to the incoming energies, which brings some clarity to our lives and our current experiences. However, there is still an unpredictable element to the energy as the residue of the past continues to be cleared. As a result, global events and disruptions continue to cause chaos and confusion. It is important to remember that guidance and direction must now come from within. New cycles and new beginnings are high...
Are You Inspired? Are You An Inspiration?
t’s almost impossible to not be inspired at this time of year. With the Spring Equinox and Easter, the themes of completion and rebirth – resurrection – how could we not feel that we are here for a grand purpose. And, despite all the challenges and perceived setbacks that we, like Yeshua, are determined to go forward and to live in joy. Easter is all about resurrection – about rebirth and new beginnings. Yeshi didn’t spend time in regret, agonizing over what was the known ending of his life. No, he l...

Highest Probable Ascension Outcomes

chamavioleta, 04.04.21

Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free!

Receive More from Our Incoming Energies
Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are in the process of creating many more partnerships with those of you in human form, because we know that you are willing to partner up with us, and because you are such a necessary part of the process of raising the consciousness of the entire human collective. We need all of you just as much as you need all of us in order for this help that we provide to have any kind of effect on the ...
Highest Probable Ascension Outcomes
Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you. In the spiritual community, there are few, or none that talk about the specifics of Ascension. Why? They don’t know? Don’t want to instill fear? Can’t predict the future? But this isn’t about that. This experience is unique for everyone, yes, but the overall, highest probable out...
FDA Not Properly Inspecting Plants Where Vaccines Are Manufactured
After it was recently announced that Merck & Co. would take over producing some of the experimental COVID “vaccines” for Johnson and Johnson, an FDA whistleblower has now stepped forward to reveal that the FDA is not properly examining production facilities where these experimental COVID shots are being produced. The pharmaceutical trade publication FiercePharma reported today: An FDA inspector-turned-whistleblower claims the agency soft-pedaled vio...
Ascension Amnesia Shift Symptoms
Ascension Amnesia Shift Symptoms**Posted on 04/03/2021 by EraOfLight [image: schumann resonance eraoflightdotcom] Transforming to a Higher Frequency Divine Human – Suddenly, you can’t remember what you have known for a long time—a person’s name, what you did yesterday, last week, and especially conflicts and disharmonic situations—periods of forgetfulness not caused by neurological conditions and so-called age-associated memory impairments. This Ascension Amnesia is a big letting-go to the imprint energy patterns that have kept the human in lower trance and lock...
It Is Time To Remember
We are going to take another trip in the wayback machine to refresh the memories of those who are critically thinking, research impaired suffering from acute denial and cognitive dissonance. When the big chemical companies brought out DDT despite the warnings and sprayed it on everything including the children the “authorities’ said it was safe, a miracle solution nothing to worry about. They created nuclear energy as the new clean energy, ignited nuclear bombs without even knowing th...
CIA Explains Consciousness, The Matrix, Meditation, Holograms, And Telepathy In Declassified Files
In this document the CIA Explains Consciousness, The Matrix, Meditation, Holograms, and Telepathy In Declassified Files. This is a long read, but perhaps well worth it. The deep state has known about this stuff for a long time. *Approved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY* *US ARMY OPERATIONAL GROUP US ARMY INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY COMMAND FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, MARYLAND 20755.* [image: cia conscious...
Jeffrey Epstein Threatened To Feed His Victim To Alligators and Raped Her In front Of His 8 Year Old Son
A woman has alleged that Jeffrey Epstein kidnapped and raped her. She was sexually abused by Epstein in 2008 at his palm beach. He also repeatedly raped her infront of his 8 year old son. Jeffrey Epstein then threatened to feed her to alligators if she shared the incident with anyone else. The victim, a real estate broker has complained about it last week and filed a lawsuit. As per the lawsuit filed and made public by the Miami Herald...
When the Human Guinea Pig Vaccine Takers Start Dying, It’s Straight to Nuremberg
Most takers of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are unaware of the dangers of the experimental vaccines they are taking, an explicit violation of the Nuremberg Trials Code under which Nazi German Dr. Josef Mengele was tried and convicted. The Nuremberg Code requires fully informed consent of subjects in medical experimentation. Nor are many even aware they are experimental. A January 6th statement from Pfizer says: “The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-...
Daylight Saving Time
As you probably know, so-called daylight saving time has begun in most of the United States. It began a bit later in Europe. I have never been a fan of the twice-yearly time switch. I know the arguments for and against it. But it never made much sense to me. In fact, I love these words from a wise old Native American: *Only a white man would believe you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and have a longer blanket.* *Spirit* As Johnny said, there are arguments for and against da...
You are all now in the process of uncovering your awareness of your true nature.
There are, as you cannot avoid noticing, enormous changes of a most impactful nature occurring worldwide at present – of course, there is *only *the Present/Presence – that are a major aspect of humanity’s collective awakening process. The good news of Love is flowing into people’s awareness as never before in your human history, partly as a result of the massive increase in cognizance worldwide of the Oneness of humanity and of *all life forms* on your be...
Your True Essence
For our last message in our week-long series on presence, we wish to offer you this. Your presence – bringing as much of your true essence, into your body, fully engaging in the Now moment, is embodiment and from there all things are possible. April 2, 2021 Dear Ones, you can’t have presence without being willing to feel. Feeling allows you to have the full experience. Feeling doesn’t need to be overwhelming. If you are uncomfortable with diving into feeling fully, you can slowly enter and explore your feeling...
A Vision for Taking Our Time
We see a world where we are taking our time once again; where the stresses and struggles of life are no longer causing us to act hurriedly because we have found a balance within ourselves that has let us know, unequivocally, that we do ourselves no Earthly good by stressing or worrying about anything. Instead, we have gleaned the wisdom in slowing down and finding the joy in the wondrous journey we call life. *Tony Burroughs*. - *Labels: A Vision, Mother Earth, pristine, Alignment Project,...
Gift Of Love
The undeniable proof of Universal Love surrounds you; the way a parent looks at their child, the way lovers touch, the way old friends greet each other with a hug. Still need more? Look at yourself! The Universe created you with love; you are its gift of love to your Earth-plane. ...
The Purpose Of Mass Meditation And Why It Is Needed NOW!
There has never been more isolation than 2020. Already, we were collectively shifting into the 4th dimension of digital space, leaving 3D behind. Molecules were steadily getting replaced with pixels, and physical bodies by selfies and avatars. However, this year really passed the tipping point into full-blown, solitary confinement where the ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ could truly be questioned. There are many ways to spin this year’s tumultuous events, but every coin nonethele...
All of Life is a Learning Experience
That may sound like just a glib statement, but in fact it’s 100% true – in my estimation. Look at life this way. The purpose of life is to know who we are, our essence, our true selves, our one identity. We know the value of that to God: When one of us realizes who we really are, God meets God. For that meeting was everything we see (and don’t see) created. If that’s the case, how do we learn our true identity? Life is designed in such a way that, like a funnel, it slowly guides us back to God. The u...
You can bring manifestation quickly through your power of thought
There is so much going on behind the scenes that cannot yet be made public knowledge, but it should be sufficient to say that all progresses well. The size of the tasks ahead would be beyond your imagination; they involve many thousands of people working for the Light who are gradually dismantling the web of control that the dark Ones have built over a great period of time. It has taken years of planning to build up to the point where the Light...
Your Liberation Day is Almost at Hand!
Dearest Diana, thank you for contacting me on this auspicious day. I AM your Mother God, the Divine Mother to All. Your Father, the Divine Masculine is here with me and of course, is represented in my words to you. For yes, I would love to give a message to my Children on Gaia. Dear Children, time is running short. The great cosmic clock has been set and is counting down to your sweet liberation from tyranny!! You are just seconds, minutes away ...

How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes with These 13 Mind Hacks ~ Francesca F.

chamavioleta, 16.07.19

How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes with These 13 Mind Hacks.

By Francesca F.

July 15th, 2019


Everyone wants to think like Sherlock Holmes, the most famed and impressive detective of all time.

Although he is a fictional character, Sherlock Holmes is famous for his intelligent detective skills and sharp perception. To many, it may seem as though real people could never reach this level of awareness. This, however, is not true.

There are lots of things you can practice so that you can get to the level of the famous Sherlock Holmes.

  1. Stay skeptical

A healthy dose of skepticism helps you to not take things as they seem. Being curious about what others say can illuminate areas they may not be 100% truthful.
It is also important to be skeptical about your own thinking because we get into patterns of thought which may cloud our judgment. Be aware of how outside influences can change or guide your thinking and try to be objective when assessing the situation.
  1. Try to overcome biases, but don’t forget them

We all have learned biases we need to learn to move past. With practice, you can rewire your brain to be more objective about the situation in front of you. However, don’t forget about biases. Learn how they have affected you and think about how others learn them and how they may affect their behaviors.
  1. Observe first impressions closely

Trust your gut. If something sets off your instincts, don’t let it guide your reaction but don’t forget about it. It may be indicative of a character trait or behavior which you can’t yet put your finger on just yet. Consider their confidence, or lack thereof; how they are dressed, or what seems slightly off.
  1. Examine things holistically

To really think like Sherlock Holmes, you must examine things holistically. Don’t just read a note, read between the lines, examine how it looks, how it smells and what this could mean.
Things are never quite what they seem on the surface, and everything gives more information than it seems to. Use all of your senses to evaluate the situation completely.
  1. Engage fully

Engaging in a situation properly will help you to control your automatic responses which can cause us to miss important information. Give situations your full attention, if though you may seem laid back in your responses. Keeping your mind attentive will reveal things you may not have noticed otherwise.
  1. Look at the bigger picture

There is always more going on than what there appears to be. It is easy to focus on the small aspects of a situation, but if you want to learn how to think like Sherlock Holmes, remember there is always a bigger picture. Try to consider what may be influencing decisions and behaviors rather than just what is happening at the moment.
  1. Educate yourself

The most important practice for those who want to sharpen their perception is constant education. Sherlock Holmes is careful to constantly educate and challenge himself, and this is what makes him such a successful investigator. You never know what might spark your genius, so stay educated and mindful of maintaining healthy habits.
  1. Take notes

You may think you know something by simply observing, but this can limit your understanding. Writing things down is the key to thinking like Sherlock Holmes. Reviewing notes can help you recognize patterns and inconsistencies before reaching a conclusion.
  1. Practice active passivity

When you think like Sherlock Holmes, it is not all about what you do do, it’s also about what you don’t do. When you talk to someone, give them your full attention, observe everything. Don’t be playing with your phone or distracted by words alone.
Speaking is not all about the words, it is about how they are spoken and the non-verbal signalswhich come along with them.
  1. Talk it through

Holmes talks everything through with Watson and it is talking things through which helps him find clues he wasn’t aware of before.
When you talk things through, it forces you to clear your thoughts enough to vocalize them. By doing this, you may find that something clicks into place somewhere and find the logical connection between two disparate events.
  1. Be adaptable

The key to thinking like Sherlock Holmes understanding that it is not just an internal process, it is also about adaptability. Holmes does not approach every situation in the same way. Instead, he is careful to observe others and take an approach which will get what he wants out of them.
Assessing peoples’ behaviors and adapting to them helps him get the information he needs from a wide variety of different people.
  1. Find peace

Like anyone, Holmes knows that all brains need peace in order to function properly. Taking the time to rest gives our brains time to process information and make connections. It’s not all about the investigation, it is also about reflection.
  1. Only give energy where it’s needed

It is not necessary to be constantly energetic. In fact, managing your energy properly is one of the key aspects of thinking like Sherlock Holmes. Recognize which tasks are more menial than others and let your gut tell you which characters are more suspicious than others.
Practicing these steps can be a challenge. It can be difficult to see the secret picture behind a situation but, with a little practice, you, too, can learn how to think like Sherlock Holmes.








About the Author: Francesca F.

Francesca is a freelance writer currently studying a degree in Law and Philosophy. She has written for several blogs in a range of subjects across Lifestyle, Relationships and Health and Fitness. Her main pursuits are learning new innovative ways of keeping fit and healthy, as well as broadening her knowledge in as many areas as possible in order to achieve success.

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No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.

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The shifts of consciousness that are happening. ~ Arcturian Group, Marilyn Raffaele.

chamavioleta, 15.07.19

The shifts of consciousness that are happening.

The Arcturian Group's Message  

Through Marilyn Raffaele

July 14, 2019


Dear readers, know that the strife and conflicts taking place at this time on Earth indicate the shifts of consciousness that are happening. The status quo is being questioned and no longer blindly accepted by an ever increasing number of people.

The innately self-serving goals of many three-dimensional standards are beginning to be recognized for what they are and, as more and more awaken, will be eliminated or transmuted to higher forms. Know that all is proceeding according to plan.

Some refuse to let go of three-dimensional concepts now being recognized by many others as false. They continue to identify with what is familiar in the belief that their belief system is their identity, showing others who they are. These dear ones believe that they would no longer be the person they believe themselves to be if they were to change.

This type of thinking represents separation and demonstrates the common human need to create an ideal persona based in the individual’s concepts of what constitutes a good, bad, perfect, ideal human–illusion at its finest. (1)

Many continue to believe and promote that change and new ways of thinking will never be as wonderful as in the past. These dear ones live in the past, nostalgic for what they falsely believe were “the good old days,” not realizing that the past only seemed better because the same issues being exposed today were very much alive at that time as well, but were hidden.

Never forget that those who remain fully three-dimensional are also Divine Beings. Your job is to live from your highest enlightened realizations in the ordinary moments of each day. Many of those choosing to remain rigidly attached to illusion will at some point leave the planet as they will not be able to align with the higher-dimensional frequencies.

Do not overly concern yourselves with those choosing not to awaken at this time even if the person is a loved family member or friend. Remember, every person has a Higher Self, Guides, and a spiritual contract and this lifetime may not be their chosen time to awaken. After enough lifetimes lived in the illusions of duality and separation, every soul grows tired of the nonsense and begins to seek for more.

Evolution can be postponed, but not avoided forever because the reality of every soul is Oneness with Source.

Every one of you has experienced lifetimes mired in the sticky energy of duality and separation. It is important and necessary to have hundreds of different three-dimensional experiences before a person is prepared to let go and seek the deeper realities. That is how the ascension journey works.

Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is energy . Everything is in vibration. The faster the vibration, the higher the frequency, the highest being pure Light. Highly-resonating frequencies cannot be seen with human eyes because the two frequencies (three-dimensional versus fifth and higher) do not align. This is why most people are unable to see their Guides and beings from the higher dimensions. However this is rapidly changing as the ascension process brings change to the personal resonance of every individual.

There are some who have brought psychic abilities with them into this lifetime, they see “ghosts” and get information usually from the fourth dimension. Contrary to what many believe, psychic is not the same as spiritual. Psychic information flows through the consciousness of the individual giving the information and will reflect their level of awareness. Keep this in mind when getting a reading or body work from another. Seek out those who work from a high level of spiritual awareness and always trust your intuition.

Earth is a spiritual universe filled with Divine Beings and governed by love, but what most see and experience are the false mental interpretations of this spiritual reality. This is why it is so important to practice non-judgement regarding appearances at all times. Example–Rather than being shocked, repulsed, or pitying of someone with a severely deformed body, say to yourself; “Oh, God disguised as a deformed body.” This is unconditional love.

We are not speaking of deformed fetuses. The soul does NOT enter a fetus at the time of conception as many believe. In preparation, the soul may come or go into the developing fetus during pregnancy, but many do not fully enter until birth.

Unconditional love is a state of consciousness that is able to acknowledge the realities that lie hidden behind all appearances. It is a conscious realization of Divine Oneness regardless of circumstances. It does not mean ignoring whatever human footsteps may be necessary but does mean that these human footsteps are taken with a consciousness of Oneness.

Many of the negative situations you observe in others lives are actually facets of that person’s spiritual journey, experiences chosen by them (not consciously) as being necessary for their evolution. Even what is termed “karma” is an energetic reflection of energy given out, a learning experience and never punishment. God does not punish. God could not punish ITself. Never forget that. All painful experiences are creations of the one experiencing and no one else.

Consciousness is omnipresent energy. Energy is not good or bad; it just is. Everyone feels energy although most do not understand what they are feeling. When you enter a place of heavy dense energy, you feel it and want to leave. These frequencies are commonly felt in bars, antique stores, and businesses that thrive on lower human instincts.

When you enter a place where the energy is light and refined, you feel that as well. It resonates with you and you want to stay– commonly experienced in places of natural beauty or places of prayer and meditation.

The state of consciousness of the individual determines the energy they align with. Those living fully in duality and separation and who get all their pain and pleasure from this level often enjoy being in heavy dark energy and frequent places of that density. Some go on to create their own situations of dark energy–satanic rituals, serial killers, and those who thrive on the pain and suffering of others.

They feed from these energies because they are unable to access the inexhaustible source of energy within themselves. They have blocked their flow and need to find it elsewhere, outside of themselves.

Always know that high-energy frequencies of Light are the reality and that heavy, low-resonating energy cannot enter into the higher because there is no alignment. Let this realization be your “sword and shield” in every situation.

There exist many metaphysical protocols for “protection,” and most of you learned and have practiced them along the way of your spiritual journey but you are now shifting into a higher state of consciousness where your Light is the only protection you need.

You no longer require rites and rituals meant to protect, lift you into the Light, or bring you closer to God. These practices are based in beliefs of separation and you now know that you never have been or never could be separate from God. These practices serve newly-awakening students of truth and were important facets of your journey at one time, but at some point become obsolete.

This is the shift from metaphysics into mysticism that you have been preparing for over lifetimes. Metaphysics is changing a bad picture into a good picture through the use of energy tools, mantras, etc. Mysticism is the realization that nothing needs to be changed, healed or corrected.

Let go of assigning power to anything that does not reflect truth, always remembering that God alone is power. You who read and resonate with these messages have been preparing though many lifetimes for a higher way of living and are ready.

There is nothing but God, Divine consciousness, regardless of how the outer scene may appear. As you begin to acknowledge and live this truth, it becomes your state of consciousness and your lives will begin to reflect it because you will be creating from reality rather than from concepts of duality and separation.

We cannot emphasize enough that at some point you must cease being the student and become the master. False ego based “humility” will say, “Oh I am not worthy.” This type of thinking is impersonal and reflective of the un-awakened three-dimensional collective belief system.

Intellectual levels of spiritual study reach a place of completion where one begins to be taught from within rather than from some guru, book, class, or practice. There comes a point at which every individual must let go of the tools that served them along the way and begin living and being truth.

It is every person’s free will choice to stay in the illusions of separation, continuing to seek and search for some concept of God to save them.

However, you have graduated and are ready to experience the infinity of Consciousness not available to the human mind should you choose.
We are the Arcturian Group 

Marilyn Raffaele



Tanks to  


No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 
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The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness ~ Michael Becker.

chamavioleta, 13.07.19

The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness.

By Michael Becker.

Posted July 12, 2019 by Edward Morgan. 




A colossal transcendence of material thinking and clear connection to higher consciousness has to be achieved if we want to attempt to contemplate a topic as abstract as how dimensions are structured within the God Source. Today, I’m addressing my understanding of how the various frequency bands of existence are set up within the energetic field that is Source. I want to note that even though my research, readings, and learnings informed and influenced my conceptualization of this idea, none of what I’m about to propose is being regurgitated from elsewhere, nor have I found this particular imagining or “theory” anywhere else on the web. The contents of this post come from my personal downloads.

How Dimensions are Structured

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The body of Source is a spiraling vortex of energy, beginning from a singular point which can be called the Godhead and which uncoils like a cone to form the energy body. The central filament is a golden cord, which serves as The Creator’s figurative spinal column, which is the essence of unconditional love.
Within itself, Source created frequency bands where it could apportion and then experience itself from various levels of awareness and from differing perspectives. 11 of the dimensions are experiential, and the 12th is the essence of Unconditional Love.

Each frequency band or strata of light spins at higher frequencies as they’re ascended, and each represents a different color, along with separate makeup and activity.
Via a process of energetic division as well as frequency reduction, Source put aspects of its own consciousness inside the various levels of its creation.
These levels I’m referring to can also be called dimensions, and they exist as strata of light or spectrums of frequency that stream from the Godhead through its body.
Dimensions are not places or locations; they are levels of consciousness vibrating at certain oscillatory speeds. Consciousness acquires greater photonic density it ascends upward, and in so doing, gains a broader perspective of reality.
As Consciousness ascends the dimensions, it accumulates greater density. This means it re-acquires increased Godsource energy — more light, love, manifestation power, wisdom, and understanding.

A Word on Mathematics

I am not a mathematician or physicist, but there are a number of concepts that might help you begin to form a mental image of this concept.
Energy. First and foremost, energy is everything. All is made of energy. Do not think about dimensions as places or material layers of a cake; think of them as energy bands stacked atop one another but in the same ‘space’, like radio/TV stations.
369. Tesla’s ‘369 Keys to the Universe‘ — unveiled and explained in detail by Gary Lite — reveal the how energy is expressing itself mathematically. This math has no anomalies and shows the dimensional shape and function of the universe, which is one of many situated within Source’s omniverse.

Sacred math. Vortex-based mathematics and Sacred Geometry offer insights we can take into account to understand the dimensional structure of existence.

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In the same construction as a galaxy, a hurricane, or a seashell, dimensions are spirals of energy inside of Source.

In following the Fibonacci sequence, each dimension spirals and swirls in an unfurling manner.
Understand: up until now, I have NOT been talking about what happens in each dimension or what kind of entity/collective would correspond with or populate each. I am addressing the pattern/structure of the light-energy that constitutes dimensions within Source.
However, if you’re interested, here’s a couple graphics showing the manifestation/form that consciousness takes to experience each dimension:


I’ll publish a separate piece down the line explaining how consciousness would experience at each dimension as it ascends.
Imagine Observing the Godhead as if you were viewing it head on — directly in front of it. You’d see a golden dot in the very middle as a point, and which extends backward as the central filament of golden light. You’d also see a rotating spherical vortex filled with different and beautiful energy structures, all of different oscillations, speeds, and colors.

The Third, Sixth, and Ninth dimensions are of particular significance. They serve as the core self-actualization frequencies within Source. Dimensions can overlap but consciousness can only perceive of experiences vibrating at the same or lower levels.
Dimensions spin along the rotation of Source as it rotates itself, catapulting itself through the un-manifest. Dimensions are in constant movement, too — their placement is not fixed. But consciousnesses works among each in relatively steady environments. Think about the solar system and the way the Earth is in a state of constant motion. Dimensions work in a similar fashion.
Dimensions exist only so consciousness can experience from different levels. All things exist simultaneously within Source, but since dimensions require consciousness to experience them, your perception is dictated by your level of consciousness based on where your focal point of awareness is working. A 2D tree wouldn't perceive of a 7D planetary collective, though it could feel its love.
Dimensions are non-existent unless there’s something there to experience them. The First Dimension — rocks, minerals, and elementals — will be eliminated from the Matrix once that experience has been completely achieved by consciousness and once all 2D and 3D beings have no further learning objectives with that matter.
Once all individuated units/portions of consciousness are complete with 3D experiences, then there will no longer be any need for First, Second, or Third dimensional observation/experience/presence. Once all aspects of the Source have ascended beyond the 3D, anything less than 3D will be “closed” down, just like someone flipped a switch and the lights go off.

Final Thoughts

Dimensions exist as rotational energetic frequencies within Source and can be likened to our internal cells, arteries, and musculoskeletal system. They exist everywhere but are in constant movement. Dimensions provide different experiences and purposes, and they all work together for the totality.
I will update this article as I continue to gain new insights, downloads, and information about this complex subject.
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