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A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

Ask The Masters, 2017-02-07 ~ Toni and Peter.

chamavioleta, 07.02.17

Ask The Masters.

By The Celestial Voices.

 Through Toni and Peter.

7th of February, 2017.


A preview of the Masters' for this Tuesday Teachings.
A woman from South Africa wonders what the point is in being good if there’s no judgment. It’s easy to think that way, but it misses the point, as the Masters explain. 

Close relationships evade a UK woman who longs for them. The Masters clue her in to what she’s been doing and how that must change for her wish to come true. 

A pregnant, homeless French woman wants a normal life with her boyfriend and baby, but how? The Masters have some direct observations and advice designed to wake up this pair.

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Love, Light and Laughter,
Toni and Peter.
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The Questions: 


Being bad is okay, so why be good?


QUESTION: Masters if our world is a stage where we can play a good or evil person, be a victim or perpetrator etc. then is there a point to being good, kind, and loving if others can do evil acts and it’s ok, no judgement. I strive to grow more loving, kind, and compassionate believing it’s for my soul’s growth but if it does not matter what’s the point. How do we progress if evil is not wrong and if I am cruel it’s fine. I get we need to experience opposite emotions such as good or evil, pain and suffering, or its opposite, freedom or incarceration, – different scenarios and emotions to understand both sides and to appreciate bliss, but in all this how do we progress if we have no boundaries? If love is as ok as hate, cruelty as acceptable as kindness. I don’t get that. How this fits with a soul’s growth. ~Sue, South Africa.

ANSWER: Every soul who is choosing to have a human experience creates their own reality. You had previously chosen the tasks you wished to explore by way of lessons, including family members, locale, and societal influences. Learning is accomplished by dealing with life situations, using your freedom of choice to select either experiencing the negativity-imbued circumstances only present on planet Earth, or creating a world of unconditionally loving positive influences that mimic the realm of Source – and of your soul when not in physical form.

The purpose for souls’ coming into a body is to see if they can remember who they are as souls. They try to bring their essence of unconditional love into their human existence. You are trying to do this. The only way souls can completely reach this state while still in a physical shape is to divest themselves of all vestiges of ego judgment. By focusing on what others do, you are continuing to judge their journey and giving it a degree of importance in your human learning and experience.

Each soul’s journey is an individual experience, and the only things you should concern yourself with are your own path and decisions. In former lives you have chosen the negative (evil) process, but this time you choose to bring out your inner essence of unconditional love – the positive direction or concentration.

You never have to like what other people sharing the planet with you are undertaking, but your spiritual growth must include accepting that they have the right to live as they have chosen. You have freedom of choice to blend the life you desired – a positive physical one – with ego-influenced judgment, but you must be aware that this hinders you from reaching unconditional love. The choice and direction in this lifetime are yours.




Why can’t I make friends?

QUESTION: Masters for all my life I never could have a close relationship with almost all members of my family and this makes me sad. Even regarding making new friends I find it difficult most of the time and I always feel jealous when I see that some people have lots of friends and contacts with their families more than me. I have tried very hard to be close with people but I’ve not succeeded even regarding obtaining a lasting relationship. I would like to ask what is wrong with me and if my incapacity is due to any karma? Which are the lessons I should learn with this situation? ~Isabel, UK.

ANSWER: You get in your own way by creating expectations of how you desire the other person to react to you. You fear they will not like you; they pick up that energy and think you don’t want them to like you – so they don’t. It is the lack of self-confidence you constantly battle that shapes your relationships.

To have a meaningful relationship one must be open, almost vulnerable, and be willing to share their innermost thoughts and desires. You are a closed book because you think others want to take something from you. You want all relationships to be on your terms; others share, you take.

You have a pattern. When you first meet someone, you behave as you think they would like you to behave. You say things that you do not believe because you want to please them. You judge what you think they are thinking about you – and you always see that as being negative.

All souls are alike. None is any better or worse than any other. You all originate from the energy of Source, which is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-creative, and all-loving. Since you are a piece of that Source, you have the same qualities and abilities. You can use these powers only when you accept that what we have just said is true.
Once you understand this and start to work with it in mind, you will no longer have self-confidence issues. You will not be concerned with what others think or do. You can be true to yourself and open to the contact of others. Inside, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You have convinced yourself that you are different. Now accept that you are not.

You see the way others interact and your fear keeps you from going there. That is what makes you jealous and leaves you feeling bad. Connect with your divine inner self and create the type of person to whom others will flock.





Don’t like my life plan

QUESTION: Masters I was told by my angel guide that I was going to have a baby girl by this year. I’m homeless living, in my sister’s house with no money, and a baby soon to be born. The father is in the same situation. I’m tired of seeing him humiliating himself for a place to sleep. it kills me inside it hurts me a lot. We are just trying to be a normal couple and planning to raise our child together but seems like everything is going wrong for some reason. If I planned all of this before I come into my earth body, I don’t want to continue. ~Miamite, France.
ANSWER: You and your boyfriend have made a lot of decisions that were only about you and what you wanted, heedless of what you needed to do to fit into society and be able to get a job and take care of yourself. The initial aspects of your adult life were a continuation of your sense of being privileged and needing others to take care of and provide for you.
You are now in a “poor me” phase where you are blaming everyone but yourselves and anticipating that it is someone else’s responsibility to step in and bail you out. Your sister is playing that role right now for the safety of your baby. Wake up and see your surroundings. There are many agencies who will assist you if you ask, but you have to be willing to commit and work to change your status.
The father of your child is not humiliating himself. He is being realistic and practical, knowing that society will not take care of you just because you want it to. He realizes that, since he did not prepare himself for gainful employment before this, he has to settle for the more undesirable positions in order to provide some support for his family.
You both need to wake up to your situation and work to create a life for yourselves and your family – and it will take work. You can no longer blame others for your situation. It is time to take responsibility for your actions, which have brought you to where you are.
And, yes, you did choose to find yourself in this state. You wanted to see if you were able to recognize the cause of your problems and to get yourself out of them. If you analyze where you are, you will see how to change and be comfortable in this life.
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Reincarnation Guide:

FD from Brazil asks the Masters: There is a person in my past who feels a strong connection, he is a doctor. Sometimes I wish he'd come back to me. Am I fantasizing or does he feel the same?

Answer: You are totally fantasizing. He is a very caring, sharing individual but he has no particular romantic feelings for you. Get out of your dreams and find a person who shares your vision for a family and love.

Renata from Brazil asks the Masters: I am married for 11 years with my husband and we have 2 children. Some years ago I know that I do not want this marriage anymore, but I cannot say it to him. I am in breast cancer treatment and I know that when I finish this treatment I will have to solve this unhappiness. How should I do?

Answer: You must recognize that you are the one having your journey. Part of the learning experience is accepting that you have choices and you should not let anything else influence you but your own desires. You are an extremely strong person; follow your feelings and your dreams.

Paul from the US asks the Masters: Can a person decide to permanently leave their physical body by choice and not death.

Answer: When a soul leaves a physical body, the body is no longer a viable human machine so it ceases to function – what is called death. Does a soul have to go through a death ritual? No. The soul can just leave the body shell and return to its nonphysical spiritual form and leave the “covering” on the bedroom floor.

Marliete from Brazil asks the Masters: I met my partner 5 years ago on the internet, he lived with someone else, but decided to separate and stay with me. Our life has never been totally happy, we live fighting and he betrays me a lot. What should I do to have a harmonious and happy life?

Answer: Get rid of this manipulative, lying sack of doo-doo. You are being used. Open up your eyes and see that for him the world is all about him. He doesn’t care for anyone unless he is using them to satisfy himself. What you have is not love on his part, just control. If you wish to continually be his doormat, stay where you are; otherwise toss him out and get someone who will really care for you.

Sylwia from the UK asks the Masters: I’m suffering from anxiety and I am scared that it will stop me from succeeding in life. Nice job, house and family. How can I calm my soul and go for what I desire?

Answer: You are your own worst enemy. Every soul brings to their world what they need to experience. Your main life lesson is self-confidence and faith in your decisions. You choose what you will fear and what you will accept and learn from. Stop anticipating failure. Instead, see each thing before you as a challenge from which to learn and move forward. Baby steps, one at a time, will bring you through everything. Program success into your thinking and it will materialize.

Jeffrey from the US asks the Masters: I know that I have summoned many archangels to aid me recently and am filled with the holy spirit which ones are my strongest allies and I also am Izzreal I mean Jesus Christ so how can I use these deities to help me in my mission?

Answer: All souls come from the same origin and have the same powers and abilities. You are the same as they. The difference is, at this time, you don’t have the memories of your talents. They assist you in bringing forth the wisdom that is contained within you. Your feelings come from the re-uniting and closeness you feel with the unconditional love of Source. Your purpose or mission is to remember who you truly are so that you can use your powers to move forward.

Debbie from Brazil asks the Masters: I’d like to ask you about my mother. Does those spiritual guides are really helping her? Would be good to help her live happier if I bring her to the experience that I’m living with the medicinal plant? How can I help?

Answer: Each person is on their own journey, and what they seek and participate in must be their choice alone. She is in a period of acclimating to new beliefs and ideas and needs patience. The plant would move her along too rapidly right now.

Drica from Brazil asks the Masters: My marriage has become a lie...after everything that he's done I don’t think I love my husband anymore. Is there any chance for us still?

Answer: Every soul has freedom of choice. It is very clear that your husband is not honoring you as a person but is only concerned with his own wants and desires. He does not have any intention of changing soon because you have put up with him, so he thinks why should he change?

Rebecca from the UK asks the Masters: Please could you shed some light on why the last ten years has been such a very difficult time for me? I have gone through the most incredible amount of trauma and feel at the end of my ability to cope. I face a new phase in my life, will this be more positive and how can I maximize the opportunities available to me? I am very afraid that more difficulties lie ahead. Will family situations improve and my relationships in general get better? Will myself and my husband finally be able to enjoy our lives without worry and stress?

Answer: Souls bring to themselves what they think they deserve and need to experience. You have had a series of traumas because you wanted to see how you would choose to deal with them in this life. If you are finished being tortured, then it is time to step up and manifest a different type of energy. If you hold in your mind that you are going to continue having problems, the universe thinks that is your wish so it complies. This is your journey; you have the ability to determine what happens from here on out. Look only for the positive learning experiences in everything you face – what might be considered bad as well as good. Choose to be happy and content. You can only control yourself, no one else.

Ashutosh from India asks the Masters: I don’t know my goal of life. What to become, I am not satisfied with my IT job.

Answer: Each soul has the ability to choose their own life plan, but you have to have the faith in yourself to do something. You are sitting around complaining about life without investing any concern in finding what will make you happy. Only you know the answer to that question. No one can tell you what will make you happy because they are not inside your body.

Suzanne from the US asks the Masters: I have applied for more jobs than I can count and I still don't have a job. What are my limiting beliefs about my myself /situation that is causing me to experience this lack of a fulfilling career and money?

Answer: You always see yourself as lacking in some aspect or other. “It has been too long since I worked, I have never done that particular thing, I am too old compared to other applicants, why would they want to hire me?” It is time to start projecting yourself as confident, ambitious, and the perfect person for the opening. Don’t let any negative feelings permeate into any part of your being. Believe that you are offering them something special and they will lose out if they don’t hire you.

Ligia from Brazil asks the Masters: When I meditate I see the universe like if I could see it with my open eyes. This happens very often. I would like to know why this happens.

Answer: You are astral-projecting yourself into the universe in which you have spent other lives. The whole purpose of reaching a meditative state is to be able to communicate with nonphysical beings such as guides and old friends to have them remind you what wisdom you have achieved previously so you may bring it forth into this life. Set up meetings, using you intention, to take advantage of this ability. Enjoy this entry into unconditional love energy.
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