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A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

A Chama da Ascensão

A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! Quando o Poder do Amor superar o Amor pelo Poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. Na verdade somos todos UM!

Ben Fulford: Rockefeller-Biden Scam Falling Apart As World Shuns It

chamavioleta, 30.03.21

Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free!

Ben Fulford: Rockefeller-Biden Scam Falling Apart As World Shuns It
The coup carried out in the United States by the Rockefeller family and their Council on Foreign Relations slaves is falling apart as the world shuns this heinous crime family. Following the exit of Donald Trump, there is a growing consensus among the power elite that Joe Biden’s fake presidency is becoming a disaster movie. That is why a third alternative is being worked on at the highest levels of world power...
And Still
The most loving, giving and compassionate people you will experience in your Earth plane existence are the ones that have ‘been there, done that’. They have walked through fire, bear deep scars and know the pain of loss, abuse and betrayal intimately……yet they are still willing to extend their hand and offer assistance regardless of the circumstance. Why? They know the dark side and what it does, but they also know that a flame is still flickering deep within and, once it has been fanned, can c...
The energies of this Full Moon have been building towards a powerful release. Within this time unresolved emotions have been surfacing bringing new insight to the challenges and difficulties we face. Any imbalances within us are becoming more apparent offering the opportunity for us to begin to rectify the balance within. Before we can balance our external world, our internal world needs attention. In the light of this Full Moon, you can expect sudden realisations to occur that reveal where the imba...
Egyptian Authorities Planned to Unload the Ever Given, Now Sailing Again
This is not the latest story. A later story appears below it. The point of reproducing it is to cover President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi’s intention to offload the containers. What would they find if they did? That intention may or may not have been overtaken by events, the ship having been refloated. Evergreen is said to be a joint partnership of the Clinton Foundation and Walmart. Ship Stuck In Suez Canal: All The Latest Efforts To Free The Ever Given Carlie Porterfield, Forbes...
Our Bodies, Our Selves
This week, the UK Parliament voted by an overwhelming majority to renew the Coronavirus Act, giving the government wartime powers to pass laws without going through Parliament – or indeed allowing any sort of independent debate. This doesn’t seem to make sense. Cases and deaths from Covid have fallen precipitously in the UK. Some 40 percent of the UK population have now been vaccinated, about a third of the population have been exposed to it in all forms and 80 percen...
Message from the Fates
The equinox last week was so very powerful and it feels like a huge shift has taken place. Time feels to have sped up even more and with it the energy we are receiving. It’s like the gloves are off. No more pulling punches. The energies are twisting and turning us every which way and inside out. So much is changing so quickly. I decided to journey with the intent to understand what it is that we need to know to hopefully gain a greater understanding of the energies and where we are headed as an ascending group. I turn...
The Great Awakening is Upon Us
Logical thinking and connecting all known dots, learns the following conclusion; Every ship that sails through the Suez Canal has a recognised and experienced pilot on board who takes over the captain’s authority. The pilot is in the WH plot to ground the boat. And the tub boats’ name is Barak 1! Is that a coincidence? Presumably not. Now, all or many containers have to be taken off board to re-float the boat by losing weight. Meanwhile, the MSM has also reported, and when soon children come out of the contain...
The present moment
Dear Ones, more and more you are being redirected back into your Now moment. You may experience this as not knowing what your next steps are or how to proceed. While this may seem frustrating to you, it is actually serving you in a very profound way. It is causing you to focus on the only thing you do know for sure, which is your present moment. The present moment is your power base. It is where all your future moments are born from. It is the womb of all creation. So rather than resist, why not explore your N... 
A Vision for the Release of Outdated Systems
Here's the first of several Visions from Carol Bennett that came to her while viewing a photo of the Crop Circle hieroglyphs at Milk Hill in Southwest England. Thank You, Carol! She says:* I see those who have experienced heartfelt struggles from living in a society based on duality releasing the past, aligning with life, and integrating new effective tools into their lives. I see the highest good in the forefront of everyone's hearts, minds and actions. I see their highest light r...
Your Faith and Trust in The One God
The Beloved: “The deeply felt desires of your heart are known to Me, and the aspiration to leave this world a better place lives in the hearts of many people. “This will someday become a collective desire, which will then verily catapult this picturesque small orb into Light and life. “Until this is brought about, much work remains to be done. “Right now, your planet is still in the barbaric stages, where brothers fight and ki...

The Violet Flame Journal. 2020/06/04

chamavioleta, 05.06.20
The Violet Flame Journal.
Seeking truth to be Free!


It is easy to erase the footprints, but it is difficult to walk without stepping on the ground (Lao Tzu) This phrase brings me to the global events that are unfolding, such as protests, violence, growing unemployment, pandemic, panic. The occurrences, in any part of the globe, spread like a powder trail and frequencies still vibrating in the three-dimensional energy, they are organized in waves against or in favor of everything. For those who envisioned int...


Beloved Souls, Greetings! Dinnho Beduzupo: - Whenever there is talk of wars, is it because of a greater need for transition, despite the shedding of so much blood and loss of lives? AarayA of Real Virus: - No war is “necessary”, however, when those who command a social segment understand that they have the right to use this resource in favor of their own interests, to inflame a group or a nation against the other, I...

Completing the Earth Experiment

We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We have been receiving many requests lately, and those requests have been heard and processed by us. We can always hear you and know what it is that you desire. We know that you would all love to be living in a star system like ours right about now. You would l...

A Human Decision as Nova Gaian

Take the time to back up, to reflect, to delve, to dive deep within your very soul and decide, in your Divine Authority, what is it not only that you think you should do; what is it that you want to do?* *This precious channelled gem is lovingly shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.* *Archangel Michael ~ A Human Decision as Nova Gaian* Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love – and yes, I have jumped the line! I have jumped the line in front of several, ...

Keep Growing!

There will always be something created to be afraid of or shy away from. It is up to you, dearest child, to decided if you will let it intimidate you. The Universe is asking you to look into your heart, find the Truth, and allow your Unconditional Love to keep growing! Creator. ...

Metaphors of the Inner World.

I AM the Poet—you are the songwriter. I AM the Question—you are the answer. I AM the Clay—you are the potter. I AM the Mystery—you are the detective. I AM the Seed—you are the gardener. I AM the Number—you are the mathematician. I AM the Water—you are the vessel. I AM the Stone—you are the mason. Dear One, there are many metaphors that could describe the relationship between us, and...

Go Easy on Yourself

To engage in openhearted rebellion means treating people with kindness and empathy, with the understanding that we are all in this together. The idea is to live for and encourage love, compassion, and basic human decency as an effective rebellion against the horrific things hate is responsible for. This compassion extends to everyone regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or anything we have thoughtlessly let divide us. We all share this struggle to be human and survive in an I...

Modern Slavery

The COVID-19 crisis is laying bare the gaps in protection that exist for modern slavery survivors and at-risk migrants around the world. Now is the time for governments to act. Modern slavery survivors and at-risk migrants who often don’t have a legal immigration status and so are excluded from protection under national laws are being left at risk of illness, destitution, exploitation and trafficking. For some, their lives are in immediate danger. But governments around the world can use this crisis as a wake-up call to str...


As the energy builds towards tomorrow's Full Moon Eclipse we are being urged to move out of turmoil, pain, and struggle and into peace, harmony, and ease. Remember that during this time of pronounced turmoil the world is crumbling to reveal the hidden bones of our society. Anything that has been hidden, shut away, or closed down is being revealed. As the light exposes the dark we are called to open our hearts knowing that outside circumstances are resolving old kar...

The Chakras Of The Earth, 7 Amazing Places Filled With Powerful Energy

Our beautiful Planet Earth is a conscious and vibrant living entity. As our body has 7 major Chakras, so does the Earth.* *Energy flows through each of Earth’s main Chakra and makes up the spiritual body that is our world. The Chakras of the Earth are connected by energy circuits called Ley lines. This planetary grid system has been known and mapped for Millennium.* *Ancient civilizations revered Earth as a sacred entity. They believed her to be their “Gre...


Cobra Update: Peace Meditation

After the pandemic plan did not have the desired effect, the Dark Forces have stepped up their efforts to increase End Time madness. The Jesuits, Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus are now polarizing political left and political right in the United States to engineer the civil war. The protests which erupted last week have been deeply infiltrated and manipulated: - - https://jour...



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chamavioleta, 03.06.20

A Chama Violeta ~ 2018/01/13

chamavioleta, 13.01.18
A Chama Violeta 
A Verdade Libertar-nos-á.

Pensamento do dia, 13 de janeiro de 2018 ~ Sathya Sai Baba

Manifestações do Amor Divino! Pensamento do dia.Por Sathya Sai Baba12 de janeiro de 2018 Hoje as pessoas dizem palavras severas que prejudicam os sentimentos dos outros. Se você vê coisas impróprias, ouve palavrões e se dedica a atividades profanas, você está investindo em atividades que, em última instância, o destruirão. Quando você usa mal os seus sentidos, como pode esperar ser feliz e saudável? Para desfrutar de uma saúde perfeita, você deve fazer uso sagrado de seus sentidos. Você pode ser um mendigo ou um milionário, mas Deus deu a cada um cinco sentid... more »

O Cometa PanSTARRS (C/2016 R2) apresenta estranho comportamento

*COMETA AZUL **PANSTARRS (C / 2016 R2) APRESENTA **ATIVIDADE SELVAGEM E INÉDITA**Fonte:* (NASA)*Tradução, edição e imagens:* *COMETA AZUL PANSTARRS (C / 2016 R2) APRESENTA ATIVIDADE SELVAGEM E INÉDITA:* *Localizado muito além da órbita de Marte, o Cometa PanSTARRS (C / 2016 R2) está deslizando através de uma região fria e distante do sol no espaço interplanetário de nosso sistema solar, onde as coisas normalmente acontecem mais lentamente, como deveria ser ao menos. * Mas o cometa PanSTARRS não é um cometa comum. Em 10 de janei... more »


A MANIFESTAÇÃO DE *MAHALOIA E O DESBLOQUEAR DAS VOSSAS VIDAS. SaLuSa via Gabriel RL. 7 de janeiro de 2018 Revisão de texto: Luís Fernando Rostworowski e Solange Yabushita *Musica de fundo recomendada* Como vós tendes avançado consideravelmente, é natural que muitas coisas nas vossas vidas, as quais por muito tempo estiveram travadas, comecem agora a se destravarem e a entrarem em um fluxo positivo. Muitos de vós, quando estivestes mergulhados na densidade, experimentastes vários desafios e, em muitos casos, ficastes presos nos dramas que eles impunham. Agora, a erguer-vos ... more »


IMAGENS DE DESMERECIMENTO. JANEIRO / 2018.Mensagem de Jeshua, canalizada por Pamela Kribbe.Tradução de Vera Corrêa a 12 de janeiro de 2010 Queridos amigos, eu sou Jeshua. Venho recordar-lhes quem vocês são, e lembrá-los de sua força e grandiosidade. Vocês são uma fonte inexaurível de Luz que se renova continuamente, que cresce e se expande; um fluxo exuberante de energia divina. Quero infundi-los com esta energia e pedir a cada um de vocês que permita que ela flua totalmente em sua mente, seu corpo e em toda a sua vida, de modo que a energia da sua alma possa se expressar a... more »


UMA MUDANÇA QUÂNTICA EM DIREÇÃO À CONSCIÊNCIA CRÍSTICA.Mensagem de Patrícia Cota-Robles 11 de Janeiro de 2018. Tradução: Regina Drumond. 11 de Janeiro de 2018 = 2+0+1+8=11 11-1-11 = Novos Inícios 11= Reflete a Transformação do físico para o Divino. Nosso Deus Pai/Mãe e toda a Companhia do Céu estão enviando a sua Infinita Gratidão aos Trabalhadores da Luz que estiveram presentes fisicamente e aos milhares de Trabalhadores da Luz ao redor do mundo que teceram conscientemente a sua Luz em nossa Rede Planetária do Amor Divino Transfigurado. Isto ocorreu durante o nosso primeiro... more »


OS MATERIAIS DO CÍRCULO CARMESIMSérie das Asas – SHOUD 5 Apresentando ADAMUS SAINT GERMAIN, canalizado por Geoffrey Hoppe *Apresentado ao Círculo Carmesim**em 6 de janeiro de 2018* ** Eu Sou o que Sou, Adamus of Sovereign Domain. Vamos respirar fundo, enquanto damos as boas-vindas ao ano novo de vocês – 2018. Ah! Eu diria que é outro ano de separação. Não muito diferente do último ano. [Alguém diz sarcasticamente: “Eba!”] Eba. [Alguém diz: “Uuu huu!” E alguns riem.] Outro Ano de Separação O que vai causar a separação este ano? Vocês viram uma tremenda liberação da... more »

SEGURANDO ... ~ O Criador via Jennifer Farley

SEGURANDO ... Escritos do Criador Transcrito por Jennifer Farley10 de janeiro de 2017Tradução: Adriano Pereira . Neste momento, alguns de vocês podem se sentir como se estivessem andando numa corda bamba. Com o equilíbrio das energias, a superação e o estresse podem estar dominando sua mente. Este é o momento perfeito para lembrar a si mesmo que, mesmo que este pareça ser um tempo de "fazer ou bater", é exatamente o oposto, porque O Universo nunca deixou você operar sem uma rede de segurança. Cada um de vocês está enfrentando essa maciça mudança exatamente como você estava d... more »

Transforme as emoções negativas ~ Orientação dos Anjos, Sharon Taphorn

Transforme as emoções negativas.Orientação dos Anjos via Sharon Taphorn12 de janeiro de 2018.Tradução: Regina Drumond Às vezes a vida é desafiadora e você se percebe mantendo emoções negativas. Quando isto acontece, a melhor coisa que você pode fazer por si mesmo é transformar as emoções negativas para que os seus pensamentos e sentimentos possam apoiá-lo, em vez de retê-lo. Respire profundamente, concentre-se e transforme as emoções negativas em experiências positivas. A primeira coisa a lembrar quando você se encontra em um espaço indesejável é se lembrar de que os sentim... more »

Pensamento do dia, 12 de janeiro de 2018 ~ Sathya Sai Baba

Manifestações do Amor Divino! Pensamento do dia.Por Sathya Sai Baba12 de janeiro de 2018 A principal atividade em que todos devem se envolver é servir a outros seres humanos. Em vez disso, as pessoas estão desperdiçando um tempo precioso preocupadas com o passado ou com o futuro. Manifestações do Amor Divino! Este corpo não deve se envolver apenas em comer e beber, desperdiçando assim nosso tempo valioso. Devemos perceber a verdade de que Deus nos deu esse corpo para servir os outros. Todos os grandes homens somente santificaram suas vidas servindo a humanidade... more »


MANIFESTAR COM AS ENERGIAS CRISTALINASPor Maria Chambers 11 de janeiro de 2018Tradução de Ivete Brito Todos nós estamos sentindo que alguma coisa está diferente, mesmo que não possamos dizer exatamente o que é. Nossas vidas físicas podem não estar profundamente diferentes em relação a ontem, todavia, algo simplesmente não é o mesmo. Também há um sentimento geral de tédio e falta de paixão que pode ser preocupante. Há discussões acerca de como pode alguém manifestar seus desejos se eles realmente não existem. Ou, se existirem, não há uma imensa onda de paixão para apoiá-los. E ... more »

Colônia de escravos em Marte é notícia na média (controlada).

A existência de Colônia de escravos em Marte passa a ser notícia reivindicada na controlada mídia de massa, como no The Washington Post.Tradução, edição e imagens: Fonte: Em 29 de junho, Alex Jones, gerente da, entrevistou Robert David Steele, ex-funcionário dos serviços clandestinos da Marinha dos Estados Unidos e da CIA, que ofereceu informação privilegiada sobre eventos secretos acontecendo em Marte. Steele disse a Jones sobre a existência de colônia de escravos em Marte e a existência de um programa espacial “20 ... more »


O GRITO DOS SEUS CORAÇÕES ECOOU POR TODO UNIVERSOComando Ashtar via membro da equipe do Gabriel RL10 de janeiro de 2018 Saudações, Pedimos que neste momento respirem profundamente, tranquilizando seus corpos, mentes e corações. É sempre uma grande alegria ter a oportunidade de conversarmos um pouco. Queridos, vocês foram acorrentados, suprimidos, silenciados, subjugados e desacreditados. Vocês encarnaram, reencarnaram e sempre carregaram o espírito da mudança, o sentimento de que algo novo precisaria acontecer, foram insistentes e persistentes, os mostradores do caminho. Vocês ... more »


A GUERRA FINANCEIRA PODE SE INTENSIFICAR PARA MACIÇOS ATAQUES DE PEM, NA MEDIDA EM QUE O CONFRONTO FINAL SE APROXIMA.By Benjamin Fulford, 8 de janeiro de 2018Tradução: Candido Pedro Jorge Várias fontes concordam que a guerra em andamento pelo controle do sistema financeiro e, portanto, do futuro do planeta, está chegando a um crescente perigoso. Mais importante ainda é que os militares dos EUA, na semana passada, distraíram a atenção mundial com uma falsa disputa entre o presidente dos EUA, Donald Trump e seu conselheiro, Steve Bannon, ao usar o SpaceX para lançar seu satélit... more »

SEU PODER ~ O Criador via Jennifer

SEU PODER. Escritos do CriadorTranscrito por Jennifer Farley9 de janeiro de 2017Tradução: Adriano Pereira . Durante esses tempos de mudança e do deslocamento/equilíbrio das energias femininas e masculinas, há muita conversa sobre "recuperar seu poder". A ... uma ... coisa ... que ... você ... deve ... lembrar-se ...; ele nunca foi roubado de você! Alguns de vocês escolheram fingir que não ele existia por razões de segurança, outros optaram por esconder ou se esconder dele ou afastá-lo para um espaço seguro bem lá no fundo de si mesmo, para que ninguém pudesse tocá-lo, ... more »

Relaxe e Permita ~ Sabedoria dos Anjos, Sharon Taphorn

Permissão.Relaxe e Permita.SABEDORIA DOS ANJOS canalizada por Sharon Taphorn11 de janeiro de 2018.Tradução: Regina Drumond Chichorro. . Silencie a sua mente e deixe a sua alma falar com você. É importante para a sua sensação de bem-estar não interferir e permitir. É na tentativa de controlar as coisas que você não pode controlar que os bloqueios comecem a acontecer e o ciclo de frustração continua. Quando isto acontecer, pare por um momento, faça algumas respirações profundas e se lembre de relaxar e de liberar um pouco as suas expectativas e permitir que as coisas se revelem. ... more »

Pensamento do dia, 11 de janeiro de 2018 ~ Sathya Sai Baba

Manifestações do Amor Divino! Pensamento do dia.Por Sathya Sai Baba11 de janeiro de 2018 As populares partidas de cricket e tenis hoje envolvem vários milhares de rupias. À medida que os esportes se tornam comerciais, sem espaço para os valores humanos, a paz se torna uma casualidade. O esporte e o atletismo devem ser praticados com um senso de unidade espiritual, transcendendo as diferenças de nacionalidade, idioma e religião para experimentar boa saúde, paz e bem-aventurança. Desde tempos imemoriais, esportes e atletismo visavam principalmente promover a saúde... more »

Alternativa 3, um sinistro plano da Elite ~ Leslie Watkins

*A ALTERNATIVA TRÊS (3), UM SINISTRO PLANO DA ELITE?**Tradução, edição e imagen*s:*Fonte*: *[image: Marte-colonia-humana] * *ALTERNATIVA 3 – **Foi no dia 01 de Abril de 1977: * *Foi numa segunda-feira à noite, o canal de TV do Reino Unido Anglia Television transmitiu o último episódio da sua série Relatório de Ciência, (Science Report) uma série de documentários científicos sérios que foram produzidos por jornalistas de ciência altamente respeitados. **O programa foi chamado de Alternative 3, e foi transmitido simultane... more »

Democratas tentam derrubar Trump com falsas acusações sobre sua “saúde mental”

*A tentativa desesperada dos democratas de derrubar o presidente Trump usando falso diagnóstico sobre sua “saúde mental” empurrará a América para uma sangrenta guerra civil **Tradução, edição e imagens:* *Fonte:* *No final do novo livro “Fire and Fury” de Michael Wolff – que já foi largamente desacreditado como uma obra de ficção – os democratas tresloucados estão agora pressionando para derrubar Trump alegando que ele é “mentalmente inapto para o cargo. “Este estratagema perigoso e perturbador é a última tentativa desesperad... more »


A PARTIDA DOS VELHOS SACERDOTES E UMA PEQUENA ELUCIDAÇÃO ACERCA DO SISTEMA FINANCEIRO. RELATÓRIO DA FROTA PRATEADAAtravés de Gabriel RL 4 de dezembro de 2016 *Revisão de texto: **Marilene P. Costa e Solange Yabushita * *Seres: * *Edição:* Música de fundo recomendada. Saudações, Camaradas! Temos um pouco de informação e alegria aqui! Voltamos com mais algumas informações! Aleluia! Os nossos Mestres Anciões têm garantido, ininterruptamente, o avanço dos processos que levarão essa realidade a uma liberdade inviolável. N... more »

Perguntem aos Mestres 2018/01/09 ~ Toni e Peter.

PERGUNTEM AOS MESTRESAtravés das Vozes CelestiaisMensagem canalizada por Toni e Peter.Tradução: Regina Drumonda 10 de janeiro de 2017. UMA APRESENTAÇÃO PRÉVIA DOS ENSINAMENTOS DOS MESTRES Um homem do Reino Unido pergunta se uma alma pode encarnar no passado ou no futuro. Nós, terrestres, temos dificuldade de compreender tal coisa, mas os Mestres nos asseguram que isto é possível. Uma Brasileira segue uma pergunta anterior sobre a incapacidade de falar de sua jovem filha. Sem dispensar o conselho médico, os Mestres explicam a atual situação e como o espiritual e o físico se re... more »

Violet Flame ~ 2018/01/13

chamavioleta, 13.01.18
Violet Flame
Seeking truth to be Free!

#SH_THOLE: Trump Trolls MSM In Advance of #FIREWORKS MLK Day 1/15/18

#SH_THOLE: Trump Trolls MSM In Advance of #FIREWORKS MLK Day 1/15/18. posted 1/12/2018 by Eliza Ayres Reblogged from roseramblesdotorg: Pretty good video here put out by You Are Free TV, so...please take a listen, what does your heart say, and... InJoy! Excellent video regarding the distractions driven by the MSM news... Presents what is REALLY going on behind the scenes which the MSM news refuses to cover. ------------------------------ *You Are Free TV* *Published on Jan 12, 2018* *SUBSCRIBE 27K**Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe* *Janu... more »

The Universe Is Listening ~ The Creator via Jennifer Farley.

The Universe Is Listening.The Creator Writings Transcribed by Jennifer FarleyJanuary 13, 2017. . Do you ever wonder why others always say, “Watch your words, watch your thoughts?” Some of you have noticed that your manifesting abilities have increased ten-fold. For those of you not used to it, this may come as a bit of a shock. (Smiling) A thought, any thought, you generate as you move through your existence has the potential to become reality in a very short amount of time. It is very important to keep this in mind because the amazing ‘by-product’ of this massive shift ... more »

Africa is Not Poor, Its Wealth is Being Stolen ~ Nick Dearden

Africa is Not Poor, Its Wealth is Being Stolen *By Nick Dearden* *Nick Dearden is the director of UK campaigning organisation Global Justice Now.* *Our climate crisis was not caused by Africa, but Africans will feel the effect more than most others, writes Dearden [Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters]* Africa is poor, but we can try to help its people. Our climate crisis was not caused by Africa, but Africans will feel the effect more than most others, writes Dearden [Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters] It’s a simple statement, repeated through a thousand images, newspaper stories and charity appeals... more »

The illusion is over ~ The 12 road

The illusion is over.THE 12TH ROAD JANUARY 13, 2018 Tonight, the words are loud and clear. It’s all over. The whole thing is over. There is no more, everything is halted, everything is eliminated, the trajectory has changed. It’s over. These words were coming through in relation to my own personal separation from Source and the pain and confusion the whole experience has created but then it shifted and the energy moved into a more expansive frequency. I can always feel the energy of the words shift from the personal to the collective. Some words are meant for my own healing, oth... more »

#Q: The REAL ‘PSYOP’ Exposed; SGT Report [video] ~ Jan. 12, 2018

#Q: The REAL ‘PSYOP’ Exposed; SGT Report [video] ~ Jan. 12, 2018 Posted on January 12, 2018by cindyloucbp Many thanks to *Starship Earth* for this one! Very good report and very concise… “It’s complicated”, is right. That was my opening line before I even watched the video. It’s complicated beyond belief and there is some really good dialogue coming out of the QAnon Phenomenon. I like the “cautious optimism” approach. When things get so bad you’re afraid to hope for anything good at all, that’s an unhappy place to be. I have great hopes for wonderful things that will be happening. I ju... more »

Opportunities for Growth and Expansion ~ Angel Wisdom, Sharon Taphorn

Spiritual Growth. Opportunities for Growth and Expansion.Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn.January 12, 2018. . You came here to experience, to explore, to expand. Think the highest thoughts possible and life will expand in that direction. As you learn to use the power that is within you, the opportunities to grow and expand increase. Make the time to connect more deeply with your spirit self to help you. As you begin to follow the promptings of spirit, you will find they come up more frequently. The more you feel and act upon this guidance, the more you flow with the energy of ... more »

Relax and Allow ~ Angel Wisdom, Sharon Taphorn

Allowing. Relax and Allow.Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn.January 11, 2018. . Quiet your mind and let your soul speak to you. It is important for your sense of wellbeing to get out of your way and allow. It is in the attempt to control the things you can't control that blocks start happening and the cycle of frustration continues. When this happens, stop for a moment, take some deep breaths, and remind yourself to relax and release your expectations for a bit and just allow things to unfold. Make peace with the present moment. This is where the manifestation takes place, no wh... more »

Mel Gibson: Hollywood Is ‘Den Of Parasites’ Who ‘Feast On Blood Of Kids’

Mel Gibson: Hollywood Is ‘Den Of Parasites’ Who ‘Feast On Blood Of Kids’ Posted January 12, 2018 by Edward Morgan Hollywood studios are “*drenched in the blood of innocent children*” according to Mel Gibson who claims the consumption of “*baby blood is so popular in Hollywood that it basically operates as a currency of its own.*” Hollywood elites are an “*enemy of mankind continually acting contrary to our best interests*” and “*breaking every God given taboo known to man, including the sanctity of children*,” Mel Gibson said in London, where he is promoting his role in Daddy’s Hom... more »

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 1-8-18… “Financial war may escalate into massive EMP attacks as final showdown looms”

“Financial war may escalate into massive EMP attacks as final showdown looms”FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford JAN/08/2018Posted on 2018/01/11 by ... Full weekly report from Ben. I will add that the following “Through the Looking Glass” Kp blog posts may be helpful in understanding some of the “rabbit holes” Benjamin mentions… Post 1, Post 2. “The ongoing war over the control of the financial system, and thus control over the future of the planet, is reaching a dangerous crescendo, multiple sources agree… the U.S. military… used SpaceX to launch their s... more »

Fade to Black 1-10-18… “David Wilcock talks about Corey Goode’s Latest Update” MP3s

Fade to Black 1-10-18… “David Wilcock talks about Corey Goode’s Latest Update” MP3sPosted on 2018/01/12 by Kauilapele Image links to DW-CG article Goode, As most have probably seen by now, the great CG-DW UPDATE is currently out (Kp blog post), and the F2B video was posted hereyesterday. Here are MP3s which were prepared from the show. As before, I have removed all the music and so these are pure Jimmy and David (sorry metal guitar music lovers… it ain’t there). There’s 2 hours of audio, which I’ve split into 4 parts (30 min., 15 MB) and a complete version (2:06, 63 MB). I’ve also ...more »

James Gilliland Interview, ECETI Ranch – Highly Evolved Beings - January 12, 2018

James Gilliland Interview, ECETI Ranch Highly Evolved Beings January 12, 2018 Gilliland Ranch ECETI – Highly Evolved Beings – The Best Documentary Ever Published January 12, 2018 ------------------------------ *Tanks to *URL: RECENT POSTS - James Gilliland Interview, ECETI Ranch – Highly Evolved Beings - Fade to Black 1-10-18… “David Wilcock talks about Corey Goode’s Latest Update” MP3s - Max Steel Show – Interview w/Cody Snodgres – Choosing the Light, 2018-01-10 - Nature Walks – Wakodahatchee, 01.12.18 - Manifestation, Law of Attraction... more »

Blossom Goodchild, 2018/01/12 ~ Federation of Light.

The Federation of Light, via Blossom Goodchild, January 12th 2018. Good morning to you. The Energies, as they are settling on this Planet FEEL SO GOOD … when we make the choices to give time to acknowledge them. A lady wrote in saying that when she had listened to the GAME CHANGER video … she, all of a sudden … realized/felt … what a personal/universal … power station the spinal column is! Like a ‘Radiating technology Light Source.’ She asked if you would kindly speak of this? *Greetings to ONE and ALL. We are recognising the CHANGE upon your Planet as more and more souls ‘plug int...more »

As humans you want to live forever for the good times. ~ Saul via John Smallman, 2018/01/12

Everyone’s task is to be the Love that they are.Saul (Paul) via John SmallmanJanuary 12, 2018 - 2018-01-12-saul-audio-blog-for-friday-january-12th.mp3 - Saul Audio Blog for Friday January 12th You all have high hopes for 2018. Much has been promised and much will be delivered! The awakening process is proceeding apace, and this not new information, it is just further confirmation of what we in the spiritual realms have been telling so many of you over the last 2 or 3 years. Yes, that long! Nevertheless, major changes are occurring all over the world as humanity’s collec... more »

A Bright Tomorrow ~ The Creator via Jennifer Farley.

A Bright TomorrowThe Creator Writings Transcribed by Jennifer FarleyJanuary 12, 2017. . Now is the time, most dear one, to add tools to your ‘toolboxes’. Yes, you were born with your original gifts. These have served you quite well up to this point, however, it is time to grow and learn new thing to help humanity move toward the light! For every bit of darkness that is on your Earth plane there is a multitude of bright lights leading the way to a more compassionate tomorrow. This is not a war or a fight, just a lesson in becoming. It is time to *become!* Creator. ... more »

Ascension towards Perfection. ~ Prolotheos, Valdir Soares.

Ascension towards Perfection.Teacher: Prolotheos. Message received by Valdir Soares.Chicago, USA, November 10, 2017. *Prolotheos:* “Perfection is a divine value meant by the Gods to be shared with their creatures, even with those of the lowest evolutionary origin, like you on Urantia. The ascension scheme spread throughout the seven super-universes is the means by which you can become a perfected being and finally reach Paradise. However, while on the ascension path — which you have only started on Urantia — perfection is a goal and living is the technique by which to process it... more »

2018 Predictions And A Message From The Federation of Light ~ Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

2018 Predictions And A Message From The Federation of LightGillian MacBeth-Louthan 2018 is the year of knowing, a pure undiluted unprovable invisible knowing. No more human excuses no more little girl antics, no more turning the other cheek to life and her demands; this is a ‘full frontal year’. For what births its self in 2018 has held a place in your biology for some time. It is like a blanket of healing that comforts a child. Just holding it gives one peace of mind, a place of safety, and imbues a visible hope. It matters not what brought forth the healing energies it only mat... more »

All is Moving Forward ~ Mike Quinsey 2018/01/12 - Higher Self

All is Moving Forward. Mike Quinsey's Higher SelfBy Mike Quinsey January 12, 2018 I cannot emphasise sufficiently what a fantastic achievement it was of yours to pass the marker in 2012. From here on you will begin to see the signs of positive change around you, and the quicker the vibrations increase, the quicker they will manifest. In general terms some of the most important changes that will affect everyone are with the general lifting up of the vibrations. The higher energy will transmute the lower energies so that negative actions will begin to lose their power, and the ultima... more »

Picture the Jewels ~ Mother Gaia via Galaxygirl

Picture the Jewels Mother Gaia via Galaxygirl Greetings children, it is I, Gaia. I greet you with unbridled joy and excitement as we are advancing together hand in hand, in step towards our ascension, the great awakening of awakenings. Picture the jewels of my body and let them adorn your hearts with embellishment and joy. They sing, can you hear them? Align with me to transport you deep with the crystal caves of your distant memories where your lives have been stored. You come here before and after every life on me – do you recall this room brimming with energy and potential? ... more »

Back to the Cay ~ Eliza Ayres

Blue Dragon Journal Back to the Cay Nature Walks, 1/11/18 by Eliza Ayres Morning Marsh Hen Nature Walks, 1/11/18 - Back to the Cay It's been about two weeks since my last visit to the Green Cay Wetlands. When I looked out the window today, a bright blue sky and sunlight greeted me, in sharp contrast with some of the rather gloomy weather we have experienced in South Florida of late. And last week, brrr. I did get out to take walks in Delray Beach but took few photos. So, today, it was back to the colorful environs of the wetlands and its inhabitants. The water levels in the... more »

The Next Big Jump… ~ The Creator via Jennifer Farley.

The Next Big Jump…The Creator Writings Transcribed by Jennifer FarleyJanuary 11, 2017. . The current lull in activity may leave you saying, “Wait, what?!” It has all the signs of a rest period, however, the overwhelm and tension is still in place. Please remember there are layers (think alternate dimensions) within each shift so, even though it *feels* quiet and a little boring, there is still a great deal of ‘busy’ going on. It is very important to remain grounded during this time, take immaculate care of yourself and keep breathing (Smiling). The next big jump is on it... more »